Morning prayer for February 21

Blessed Lord, thank you for granting me a new day to live. Lord of my life, I want to shower you with praise, glories, and honors this morning because you are good and your love is eternal. Thank you because you have the details of lending me health on this important day for me.

Merciful God, thank you because you allowed me to rest and fully recover from the energy I spent yesterday. Thank you because you allow me to contemplate, once again, your beautiful creation.

Lord of my life, this morning I ask you for a little of your peace to give me serenity when facing my trials. Today I want you to give me the way you want to be an instrument of your work: take over my life and my heart.

This morning I have only words of praise and gratitude. Thank you, blessed God, because you place me above everyone, because you enhance my humility, and because you do not take into account my imperfections, the more you love me with everything, without measures. Thank you, Heavenly Father, that you never forget about me; thank you that I have a plate of food to share, clothes to wear, and a roof under which to sleep.

Merciful Lord, if things don’t go as planned, help me not to despair, help me to move on, and teach me to continue trusting in you. Oh God, I know that there is a plan that is being carried out and that I am an important part of that plan. It is only by placing my trust in you that I will be able to find the happiness that I seek.

Lord, may my home not suffer from despair. I know who can write a new story day by day in the hearts of my family. Thank you for always having them present; thank you for placing bread to share on our table; thank you for allowing us to learn more about you through your word and prayer, and thank you for not allowing the enemy to interfere with our love.

My beloved king, I ask you for the people who are unaware of your existence, for those who have denied your presence in their lives, and for those who have lost faith due to circumstances, so that your heart may have mercy on them so they can see that light. At the end of the tunnel, revive their hearts with your Holy Spirit.

Fill them with peace and harmony, so that they do not get carried away by the pleasures that the world offers, so that they try to find a different way to the routine so that they can understand that you are the only path they can take. My Lord, may this morning be your hand that protects them and keeps them from all evil.

I thank you for everything you have prepared for me, Lord. Thank you because I am sure that you hear my prayers and that you will grant me a day full of blessings. Blessed Lord, stay with me throughout the day and do not let my heart be exposed to the intentions of the enemy. All this I ask in the name of Jesus, your Son, Amen.

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