Morning prayer for February 22

Beloved Lord, the night is over, and the sun’s rays announce the arrival of a new day. Everything clears up, and I wake up eager to do much better than I did the day before. Blessed Lord, stay by my side and watch over my steps.

Thank you, blessed Father, for the life that you give me, for the air that I can breathe, for my family, for my friends, for the work that I have, for the studies that I share, and for all the teachings that I will be able to obtain on this new day. Thank you because I am certain that you will not leave me at any time and because you will walk with me all day.

My good God, may this day be full of hope and joy, may your love and kindness cover my entire home and the people who live in it. Lord, guide my steps and enlighten my mind to make the best decisions that serve my benefit and that give sustenance to my home.

This morning, I want to ask for your protection for their day. Take care of them from the evils that may exist abroad and from the temptations to which they may be exposed. Do not allow evil to settle in their hearts and make them perform acts that are not to your liking.

Be our stronghold and our protector. We want to start a new life together so that we can breathe your love and that the beats of our hearts have your name as the main reason to continue living. Blessed God, thank you for becoming the center of my family and for allowing us to meet you.

Almighty God, in this humble prayer, I ask you for success in my business, for abundance and profit in my life. May my actions be an offering to you and allow me to live according to your mandates. Your word and your promises are true; they feed me every day and make me grow in spirit and truth.

Take control of my life since you know better than anyone what I need and what I have wanted for a long time. May your holy will be fulfilled at all times, my good Lord.

My God, I am ready to live this day with great enthusiasm and, although I do not know what the future holds for me, I know that you will be close to me, so close that I will be able to touch you and enjoy your purity.

Blessed Lord, I trust in You. I put all my plans and my projects at your disposal. Give me a day full of peace and joy, if you wish. Enlighten me and guide me along the path of good, filling me with many blessings. Thank you, blessed Lord, because your mercy is infinite. All this I ask in the name of Jesus, your Son, Amen.

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