Morning prayer for February 23

Dear Lord, today I put myself in your presence after a great rest to thank you for this wonderful gift that is life. Can I fill myself with your breath to start this morning with great joy and courage. Thank you for each of your blessings and for not leaving me in the moments that I need you most.

My Divine Lord, I place this day in your loving hands and ask you to clarify my mind and give me the wisdom I need to solve the trials that arise or the problems that have been afflicting me for a long time. Take away my sadness and heartache, and make this day one of great joy and favor for me.

Thank you, Holy Father, because I am certain that you always walk by my side, that you never abandon me, and that you will not allow me to experience needs that could affect me. Protect my life with your powerful hand and give me the calm not to despair in moments where there is difficulty and I cannot find a solution. Give me the strength to resist and to continue on the path.

My Lord, this morning I offer you, with much love, the life of my family. Thank you for allowing me to share many more moments with them. Thank you because not everyone has that privilege. Thank you for keeping them healthy and for keeping them well. Good God, you know what they mean to me, and that is why I ask you for their lives.

You cleanse their hearts this morning and allow them to be able to succeed in the plans they have for today. Lead them along the path of victory, along the paths that lead to joy and salvation. That the difficult moments do not separate us from your presence and that we know how to solve them while always holding your hand.

Who better than you, Heavenly Father, to know everything about me, who better than you to know everything I long for and what I require You know every tiny space in me, my joys, my sorrows, my dreams, and my illusions. Bless me, O God, on this day that is about to begin. Give me wisdom, love, and peace.

Merciful God, today I also want to ask you for all those people who do not have a home, for those who suffer the blows of unemployment, illness, and adverse circumstances, so that you can be their hope in the hardest moments. and that they may recognize you as the main path of truth and salvation.

Blessed God, I ask you to listen to this humble prayer that I make to you at the beginning of my day. I thank you again for the beautiful blessings with which you flood my life. Thank you because you are always there to assist me and to help me in the moments that I need you most.

Beloved Father, I blindly trust in your love. I know that you will grant me a splendid day full of many joys. Give me the strength to go for the goals I want to achieve and give me the courage to face the problems that may arise. Deliver me from bad things and the temptations of the enemy. I ask all this in the mighty name of your Son, Jesus Christ, the only way of truth and life, Amen.

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