Morning prayer for February 24

Blessed God, supreme Creator of heaven and earth, God of my life and my heart, this morning I want to give you all the praise that is within me. I want to thank you because you have allowed my eyes to wake up on a new morning. Thank you because my heart keeps beating and because you fill my life with your blessings.

This morning, my Lord, I want to praise you and sing to you. I want to bless and honor you because your favor is wonderful for me. After all, in You I can find relief from my sorrows. In You I can find the refuge I need when I seek comfort because in You I can find the strength to fight one more battle.

Heavenly Father, today I put myself in your presence to offer you everything I have planned for today. All of me belongs to you and I ask your favor for every thought that I have in my mind and my heart. I ask for my life, for my home, for my family, for my friends, and for all those people who are looking for a way to get closer to You and who do not have the privilege of knowing you.

Holy Father, I ask you to listen to their pleas, attend to their needs, and give them a spirit free from the fear that encourages them to go forward and that they can become true servants of yours.

Father of mercies, You know better than anyone how much you mean to my family. I ask you to give us that strength that will make us continue, that will make us tireless, and that will make us blindly trust in You. Blessed Father, even if we pass through the valleys of shadows, we will not fear because You are in the midst of our home. Protect us with your hand and place your healing hand on the cracks of our tired hearts.

Guide us and accompany us in every step we take, giving us clarity to think and wisdom to get closer to You. Deliver us from the injustices and the intentions of the enemy. Blessed Lord, may your love fill my home and make it strong and full of peace.

Divine Creator, if things are not going as I had in mind, give me the discernment to understand that everything revolves around You. I can propose many things, but ultimately it is you who has the last word. May your will always be done, my good God, may everything be done according to your commands, and may I live according to your plans.

Lord of mercy, walking by your side is one of the most beautiful things you can give me. Thank you for not separating yourself from me, nor mine. Thank you because your love and kindness make my heart renew itself every moment. It’s like there is a constant rebirth with each day that you give me. God of peace, my only desire is to dwell in your presence all the days of my life.

Heavenly Father, thank you because I know that this prayer is being heard. Thank you because you promised me a calm and happy day to share with all the people I love the most. Allow me to delight in your beautiful creation, my good Lord. I ask all this in the name of Jesus, our only Lord. Amen.

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