Morning prayer for February 25

My Lord, this new morning I want to thank you because you allowed me to wake up once again to enjoy your beautiful creation. Thank you because, through everything, you show me your infinite love and kindness. Thank you because I know that the day will have many challenges to solve and many goals to achieve. Give me your blessing to start my day in the best way.

Holy Father, as long as you are by my side, everything will go very well. Lord, give me the need to pray to you every day, to praise and bless your name. Make me hungry for You, for your word, for your power that surrounds everything. I want to get to know you better; I want to be by your side at all times, knowing that your powerful hand shields me from all enemy disturbances.

Give me the intelligence and wisdom to make the best decisions that will bring me the favor I require in my work, studies, or life. Beloved Lord, accompany me where I need to go, keep me healthy and grant health to the rest of my family.

This morning, Lord, I want to ask you, especially for them: for my family. I want you to pour out your blessings and your protection on our home so that it is safe and free from the evils of the enemy. Grant them favor in everything they have planned and assist them in resolving any inconveniences that may arise.

Help us to know how to forgive, my God, to act with humility, to know that we are part of a plan where we have to be functional for our work. Allow us to serve you, to love you, and to know you to be a reflection of your love and thus carry that testimony to all the places where we must go.

Heavenly Father, I ask you for this day that is beginning. Fill my life with your love and kindness. Keep me healthy and well-being with lots of love and joy. My Lord, do not allow sadness to take over my heart, and do not let the chains of sin imprison me and take me away from You.

Wonderful God, if at any time doubt and fear want to make their position prevail, remind me that everything happens because you allow it. Give me confidence that everything will happen and that you never let go of my hand, even in times of greater difficulty. Remind me that you walk on the water during a storm.

Blessed Lord, I know that my prayer is being heard in heaven and that you will do everything to get my attention. Give me the grace to keep you close and take care of me at all times. When I feel you by my side, I know that the day will go very well and I will have the possibility of new conquests and new challenges to undertake.

Holy God, the day begins for me. I stand firm in the faith because I know that you will give me the possibility of having a very profitable day. Thank you for your love and your promises. I will wait calmly and patiently, doing everything that corresponds to me. All this I ask in the name of Jesus, our Lord. Amen.

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