Morning prayer for February 26

God of love, one more day is beginning and I want to thank you for allowing me to continue by your side enjoying health. My good Lord, I can only ask you to stay by my side throughout the day and lead me along the paths of victory.

My Lord, thank you for the wonderful gift that life is. Thank you because your love manifests itself very early for me, and thank you because I have the confidence that you will be by my side and that of my family, so as not to allow us to fall into temptation. Take away the worries that can discourage me, the sorrows that can overwhelm me, and the problems that can cause me to stop praying or keep me away from you on this day.

Thank you, God, because I know that this day will have many moments to share and many moments to enjoy. Thank you because everything that comes from You is very good, thank you for your joy, for your love, and your goodness. Thank you because you give me everything by the handful and because I can understand what you have planned for me.

Precious God, my life cannot be explained without you in it. Guide my steps and enlighten my mind so that I can make wise decisions that bring me favor and success. Make my faith increase at every moment so that I have the calm to achieve what I need in due time.

Father of mercy, have compassion on the people who are starting their day and who are facing difficult times. Give them the hope they seek and the perseverance not to give up on the test. Grant them a fighting spirit to be able to achieve everything, in your presence.

Blessed God, become a necessity for me, feed my soul and my heart, may your word be the one that is minted in my heart and may purify it. May your mercy spill over me and my home; may your protection be a shield against the vicissitudes of life.

Dearest Lord of Love, I want to ask you this morning about my family, because they are the people who are most important to me. Give them the strength to move forward and the courage to face problems. My Lord, I thank you because through them I can feel your love because they give me support, understanding, and affection. I ask you to help them solve their problems and be in communion with you.

Give them a lot of calm and patience to understand that you are also present in complex moments, that you allow everything bad to later show your greatness and your glory.

Thank you, my God, because I know that my prayer is heard in heaven, thank you because I know that the day will be very profitable for me. Now I will start the morning with all the security and confidence that everything will go very well if you are by my side. All this I ask in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.

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