Morning prayer for February 27

Lord of my life, I thank you because you gave me one more opportunity to continue by your side. Thank you for this new dawn and for this life that is a great detail for me. I ask you to give me the good sense and prudence to know how to enjoy this day to the fullest and thus be able to fulfill the desires that are in my heart.

This morning, Almighty God, wonderful Lord, I come to praise your holy name because I have nothing else to do before your infinite goodness. Lord, I know that I am not worthy to receive all your blessings, but I want to raise this small praise to you to adorn your immeasurable greatness. You are majestic and powerful, my beautiful father. That’s why I give you my honor and praise.

Thank you, divine Lord, because you gave me a beautiful family and a home to share. Thank you because I woke up from a restful sleep and now, I go for all the plans I have in mind. Thank you, Holy Father, for renewing my energies, for being by my side, and for promising that you will always be there to walk with me in victory.

Holy God, do not forsake me at any time of the day, do not allow me to pass needs that make me suffer, be the center of my life and my greatest need. Bring me closer to You through this prayer and feed me with your word. Quench my thirst for justice and grant me a very profitable day.

My Lord, today I will have to solve that important situation that I am going through, that concern that occupies most of my time, that illness that afflicts me, or any type of problem that makes me faint. Stand before me, good God, be my defense, and cover me with your peace, that I may not despair, that I may know that you will do everything at the right time and that everything will work out according to your will.

Do not let go of my hand, good Lord. Be the lighthouse that guides my navigation. Lead me on the right path and do not allow the forces of evil to take over my heart. Take care of me at all times, give me wisdom and prudence to make the best decisions and not expose myself to the dangers of the world.

This morning I want to ask you in a very special way for the people who are far from You, for those relatives or friends who do not know you, for those who have been going through serious problems and who do not have you as an option to turn to. Lord, shatter that shell they’ve built around themselves, teach them that only in you can they find the peace they seek, direct their gaze to the greatness of your love, and allow them to become your children.

Stay by my side this morning, blessed Father. Give me the security of knowing that I will achieve everything if you stay with me. May your shining light illuminate all the darkness in me and free me from the chains of sin that imprison my heart.

My Lord, all my projects are for You, all my dreams and desires. I ask you to listen to this prayer, to take into consideration what I tell you in this prayer, and to accompany me for the rest of the day. All this I ask in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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