Morning Prayer for March 1

Good morning, my good God. This morning, I come before you to thank you for the new chance to continue in this life. Thank you because you have allowed me to rest from yesterday’s tiring day and today I begin a new story for myself. I ask you to pour out your blessing, to keep me healthy, and to help me overcome the obstacles that appear throughout the day.

Thank you for the miracle of life; thank you because I can feel your mercy and kindness since I awoke. My Lord, for this day, I ask you to grant me the favor I seek and thus enable me to provide the sustenance my family needs. Precious Lord, guide my steps and enlighten my mind. I need You every morning and at all times.

This morning I want to thank you because you give me the privilege of enjoying my family because I see that they are with me and that they are also preparing to start their days. I ask you not to abandon them at any time and keep an eye on what they may need.

They are the people that matter most to me, and they are the reason why I keep going. Do not allow them to make bad decisions or to be lost in this world that is becoming much more violent, so that they may recognize you as their Lord and Savior and thus be able to live according to how you want, Holy Father.

I want to ask you in a special way for the people who wake up without encouragement, without reasons, and without reasons to continue living, who do not value or recognize that life is a precious gift, and who are psyched to make fateful decisions.

Beloved Lord, grant them the peace they need to think calmly and the wisdom to understand that there is a reason for everything. Give them the patience to wait on You and revive their faith so that they trust that things will improve and take the course that will suit them, that you will be there to protect and take care of them, just as you do with me.

Merciful God, do not let me get sad or desperate if the plans I have for today do not work out. I ask you to help me understand your will, to help me understand that everything has a reason and that you will have better things for me.

My Lord, help me to get rid of the things I don’t need, the ones that don’t do me good and the ones that separate me from your side. If I find everything in You and if you are with me, there will be nothing that can beat me.

Thank you, my blessed God, because I know that my prayers are being heard and that you can give me the day I ask you. Take care of the steps I take and the decisions I can make. Always protect me and do not allow the enemy to settle in my heart.

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