Morning prayer for March 3

Infinite Lord, today I stand before your presence to thank you for this new day that you gave me. Thank you because you will allow me to enjoy this gift with the people who are important to me. Thank you because you grant me the health to start the day and because I feel your presence at every moment by my side.

Blessed be God, there is no room for doubt, anger, or sadness on this day. Allow me to clothe myself with your love and your peace to have a day full of hope and new possibilities to achieve. This morning, I ask for a humble spirit so that I can recognize my mistakes, who I have offended with my behavior, and whom I can ask for forgiveness when necessary.

Merciful Lord, I ask you to pour your protection over my home and my family. I ask you to take care of their steps, to watch over the paths they can take, to keep them safe from the stalking of the enemy, and to keep their minds away from all thoughts that do not come from You.

Preserve them with good, Holy God. Do not allow their needs to pass and allow them to share bread on their table, to have a dress with which to protect themselves from the cold, and to know you better through prayer and your Holy Word. My Lord, I know the path that we must take and the horizon that we must follow.

My good God, may your presence be light for people who live in darkness. This morning I want to ask you to pour out your mercy on the world, on people who have lost the courage to live, on those who have plunged into despair and sadness, on those who have lost faith. For them, my Lord, so that you can make your love and peace felt, so that they continue forward with perseverance on this complicated path of life.

Bless me at all times. Do not allow me to make a mistake in my decisions or on the path. Be the shield that defends me from the dangers that may appear today. Cover me with your mantle so that the words of my detractors do not hit my ears.

My Lord, take over all the plans and projects I have for today. Grant me your favor so that they can crystallize, so that they can be realized and thus be able to achieve this success that I am pursuing to support my home. Give me abundance, infinite God, give me the joy of fulfilling what I dream of. Allow me to be grateful to you and, at all times, raise a prayer of praise and thanks.

Dear Lord, let me get to know you more, draw closer to you and look through your eyes. Merciful God, give me the joy of being able to serve as a reflection of your incomparable love. Allow me to serve my brothers, to help them, and to understand them much more. Allow my lips to carry your message of love so that it can settle in the hearts of the people who need it most.

Thank you, Heavenly Father, because I know that my prayer will be heard. Thank you because I feel safe when I walk by your side. Give me a very profitable day and allow my actions to please you. Keep away from my path all the evil that may exist in the world. I ask all this in the name of Jesus, your beloved son, Amen.

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