Morning prayer for March 4

Blessed Father, my body has recovered from a very busy day and today I woke up to start a new walk, together and hand in hand. Thank you because my eyes can see your beautiful creation again and because now I am about to start a new morning full of energy and great faith.

Thank you, precious Father, for the gift of life. Because you grant me the health to carry out my daily activities. I am thankful because I have my family to be able to be happy and to continue striving and persevering on the path of life. I ask you to take care of me and protect me in this new dawn, and that this day is of great benefit to me.

This morning, I want to ask you to bless my family, so that you can bless their day and their life. Fill them with your love and your peace, and forgive the mistakes they may have made or the decisions they may have made. Enlighten their minds so that they always choose the paths that bring them to benefit, that they are pleasing to you, and that they do not forget to pray.

Do not forsake us at any time; give us the strength to continue persevering and not to give up if there are difficult times. My whole family belongs to you, Lord. We all belong to you. Each of us recognizes you as our savior and the only path we must take.

Merciful Father, consider the plans I have for today. Consider what I want to do and what I want to achieve, but if your will is different, help me to understand and understand that all things come from You, that I will achieve everything if I put my trust in You, and that you will give me what I need when I need it.

Divine Eternal Father, I ask for the people who do not know You, for those who are living apart from You, for those who are indifferent to the problems of their brothers, for those who have burdens that make them doubt You. Have mercy on them, my Lord. Give them one more reason to keep fighting. Give them a reason so they can revive their faith and get out of that hole where they have stayed.

May this day be one of many learnings, of many lessons. Blessed Lord, allow me to accumulate experiences that can help me to improve as a person, that can help me to grow spiritually and that can help me when it comes to solving a conflict or problem. May your love reflect on me, Lord.

My good God, your love is infinite and immeasurable. Every morning I seek to be in grace with you, I seek to have the possibility of knowing you and getting closer to you. Blessed and praised be forever, Holy Father, because wonderful are your works, and beautiful are the gifts that you place in my day-to-day.

My Lord, I am confident that my life is safe in your hands and that my prayers are being heard. Grant me your favor, my God, that everything is fulfilled according to your will and that all the promises you have for me can be obtained. All this I ask in the name of Jesus, your Son, Amen.

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