Morning Prayer for March 5

Wonderful father, the caress of your warm hand caresses my cheeks through the soft rays of sun that you let into my room this morning; and this beautiful display of affection towards me propels my heart to thank you today for the first detail of love that you prepared for me.

This week, I begin each day with the desire to use my actions to bring a smile to your beautiful face. Beloved Father, everything you do is beautiful; great are your works, but even greater is your love in allowing me to wake up and meet you.

It is a great blessing to know that I can turn to You and that my lips want to utter words of gratitude for the greatness of your goodness and the immensity of your mercy. Thank you, Lord, because, in addition to knowing that you are on my side in this new dawn, I can also see and have with me once again the beings I love most in this world, and they are an important part of my life.

Thank you that I was able to wake up under a safe roof, where I could rest under your protection and care. Thank you because everything I have and what I am building little by little inside me until today is the product of your divine handiwork. Thank you for telling me, with all these details, that this day would be very special for me.

Merciful Father, taking advantage of these first hours of the day that I have with you, I would like to place my entire life in your powerful hands and within it the things that I have planned for today, my doubts, my actions, together with my thoughts, together with my feelings, and together with my soul. I would also like to put under your divine will the lives of the people with whom I have shared all this time and the people I will see from the beginning to the end of this day.

I would like to ask you, Father of kindness, to grant me the conviction of your presence in everything I can see and hear as the hours’ pass, give me the calm to think better and better about things and the necessary prudence to be able to take advantage minute by minute of this great gift you give me.

Be my guardian for the difficult moments that I have to go through today and my faithful advisor for everything I have to say. Give me your eyes, ears, and hands, Lord, to know how to look, listen and help everyone who crosses my path today. Teach me once again to be like You, to hug tenderly, and to love as only You know how to love.

Teach me to value a little more this life that you have given me with great care and to use every second of my time wisely. And guide me, Lord, on the only path that will never separate me from You, the one that only You know and know that I really need, not the one that sometimes my impulses want to take me.

Fill my heart with patience and strength to start on the right foot of Your grace. All this that I give you and I ask that you accept it with all my love. Please, good God, never forget that the meaning of my existence is thanks to your selfless love. I ask all this in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

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