Morning prayer for March 6

My loving Father, I say good morning to you this morning with a heart that is overflowing with hope and gratitude. I feel very happy to be able to open my eyes and find myself face-to-face with you in the beauty of your creation. I am grateful for the energy that you gave me today to start with all the activities that we planned last night, which will be carried out with all the spirit and conviction for the enrichment of my soul.

Thank you, my good God, because when you got up, you placed food near my table to strengthen my body and mind, but above all, you placed close to me the people I love so much. Thank you Lord, for the health you gave me, which I enjoy, so I can take advantage of everything that You are going to show me today. Thank you for the health of my family, for the clarity of your minds and hearts.

Teach me, Lord, to continue valuing everything that You give me today through your words, your faces, your love, and your laughter. Thank you, merciful Father, because I feel sure that today will be a day full of many things to take advantage of, a day full of your majestic presence and love, a day full of You.

That is why I want to raise this prayer to You with great affection, like incense in heaven, my beautiful God. Be forever praised, good Father and full of kindness, for all the details of love that you put into my life. Thank you for how infinite your love is, for understanding me when sometimes I don’t even understand myself. Thank you for being patient in my despair and giving me calm in the precise moments of my existence.

There are so many reasons for my heart to be grateful to my Lord. Thank you because I am seeing with everything you give me the value I have as a human being, as your son.

I don’t want to imagine what my life would be like without your presence. My God, I couldn’t get up with the strength that only you could give me, because my strength is not enough if I don’t have you by my side. Don´t apart from my life, Lord. Accompany me on the journey through the hours of this day, to be able to think and do things with righteousness, with your wisdom.

I ask you, my beautiful God, for all the people who have lost their jobs and feel desperate because they have no idea how they will be able to support themselves or their loved ones. Help them to stay calm and know that in that anguish they look for you and that, through the trust they place in your name, they can find a job worthy of their being without harming others or themselves.

I also wanted to ask you, Eternal Father, to fill me with your grace to successfully complete all my work. Give me the faith to sustain me in the complicated moments that I may face today and the joy to ignite the sad hearts that may surround me.

Father of kindness, at this beginning of the day, I want to surrender myself completely to your Divine will. Teach me your ways, Lord, so I can make the best decisions and be an instrument of your great love. Take my whole life along with the plans I made for this journey. I know that with you, things will turn out better. I beseech you, my God, to accompany me in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ, our dear Lord, Amen.

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