Morning prayer for March 7

Beautiful God of my life, today is a new day in which I want to talk to you to thank you very much for this beautiful sunrise that you painted with many details for me. Your creation has no comparison; it is the best of all works of art that can exist in this world. Thank you for such a precious gift for my eyes, my Lord, for the gift of life that motivates me to start this great day with great conviction.

From my heart, only words of gratitude come out for so many blessings that come into my life in this new awakening. That is why I bring this prayer to You, blessed Father so that it can be heard. I direct it to your presence with great humility and sincerity, my Lord. I want to achieve all the faith and hope that is necessary to be able to live according to what You ask of me.

Thank you, beautiful God, because I have woken up surrounded by beautiful beings that brighten my days and because you have allowed my home to have what is fair and necessary to live together. Thank you for my mind and my body, which is ready to be fed by your Divine Providence and presence. Thank you for your love shown in everything you are offering me today. Teach me to live so that it is not I who dwells and reflects your love on my brothers, but you.

My Lord, that this morning that you gave me will be of great benefit and benefit to me. Teach me to see and recognize you in every situation that I have to live in. I can see you in nature, in the people who know me and come close to me, especially the Lord, in the people who know you but who need you and do not know how to get to you and make decisions that make them happy in an ephemeral way.

 I have a safe home and breakfast on my table to encourage my body, because I have clothing and a job worthy of You, Lord. Help me to always value and keep fighting to find better solutions for every negative moment that may happen to me. I give you the afflictions and pains that I carry in my thoughts so that they do not torment my daily activities, my God.

Merciful Father, may your mercy be poured out on me, so that I may have a spirit full of enthusiasm and joy and thus continue to praise your Holy Name above all places. May my praise be like pleasant music to your ears, and may my actions reflect all my love in your eyes. Purify, Lord, every heart that feels broken or hurt by the pain they have carried for years. May your love help them see beyond it.

I would also like to ask you, dear God, for the people who did me wrong and that I should love them more, that I can see your face in them, and that their lives be blessed. Have mercy on them, Lord, because without your presence we are nothing. We cannot be happy if you are not on our side. Accompany them at all times as your beloved children that they are so that they can be healed, corrected with love, and blessed in all the activities that they are about to carry out.

God of power, give me the security of your love. May my faith be permanently sealed in my heart. Teach me to be faithful to you, especially if today things do not go as planned, to understand that it is because you have better plans for me. Let me always feel by your side and cared for by you. That every path I walk this day is traced by your hand, so I can be sure that you are in my favor.

Take away from me, Lord, all impure, malicious thoughts that can hurt you or hurt others. That the enemy does not win the battle of this day, nor that he seizes the souls of the brothers around me. All this that I ask of you and give you is attached to my little heart, to your glory, Father of tenderness. Because you can do everything, you know everything and you give everything, my beautiful God, in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, Amen.

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