Morning prayer for March 8

Almighty Father, this beautiful morning lends itself to thank you for the new awakening that you gave me. Thank you. I give you this humble rose in my prayer for the beginning of a wonderful day.

Today, my Lord, I would like my lips to give you only words of love for being the Savior of my life. Thank you infinite because you keep your promises about every request I make of you. Dear God, only you know how to direct my walk along the most correct paths that make me recognize myself as your beloved son and allow me to return to my essence as a human being.

I am very moved, Lord, that I can praise you, give you honor and glory before every existing creature, before my brothers and my enemies. Because everything you do is out of pure love. Blessed are you forever, good Father because you fix your eyes on this fragile heart that tries to look for you through this simple prayer.

This morning, as it is just beginning, Lord, I want to place all my abilities, my skills, and encouragement at your disposal, my Father of love, because thanks to you, to your magnificent power, it is that I can use everything coherently to what I think.

May your presence welcome all my requests and deliveries, because I want to continue doing things for your glory, my beloved Lord. You know me very well and understand what I sometimes can not do due to my limitations. Do you know what is good and precise for me? That is why, with the illusion that I have from the depths of my heart, I submit my requests to your perfect providence.

I ask my wonderful father that I may have a very prosperous day, whether in business, in studies, or at work, to be able to obtain what is necessary to support my family and thus be calm. I know that everything I offer you, you will take along the best path of success and spiritual wealth for my existence and mine.

I would also like to ask you, my eternal God, for the people who once we were on your side, at your service in faith and charity, but now, due to circumstances that only you know perfectly, they have separated from your presence, losing faith in you, in humanity, and faith in themselves.

Lord, also remove all evil from my side, so that my spirit cannot be dominated by the enemy in my weakness. Turn it into strength for your hands, into faith from your heart, to be able to recognize you at all times and places as the Father and Lord that you are in my life.

My home, my plans, my dear family and friends are for you. Bless them on this beautiful day, my God. May they be surrounded by all the love and security they require to continue sharing their joys and good times with them. All this I ask in the name of Jesus, your Son, Amen.

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