Morning prayer for March 9

Beautiful God, the sunlight approaches with more intensity, giving me an indication that today is a good time to start a beautiful conversation with you through my prayer and thus give a good start to this new day.

Thank you, infinite Heavenly Father, because I woke up healthy, which I want to use to the maximum to carry out all my activities with many benefits. I have faith that you are listening to me and that your attention will be for me and for all the requests that I raise to heaven with love.

It is comforting to know that you are very close to me. Stay by my side, my God. Please do not leave me for a moment. I want you to be my faithful squire this day. Take my hand and guide my walk with wisdom and good actions, far from evil. I want to remain forever in your blessed love, Father. Only you know how to illuminate my steps. Only you can light my heart.

I am very grateful that I was able to wake up in a home blessed by you because during the night before, you watched over my sleep very carefully, as if I were a little child in your arms. Now I feel the energies activated by your love.

Everything is yours, my Lord. I put my joys, my sorrows, my talents, and my weaknesses in your precious hands so that you can do what you want with them. Do everything that you know is best for me, what is best to share in testimony with my brothers and sisters, and what is best to please your precious heart. Receive all this with the sincerity of my being because I trust in you, my God.

I would like to ask you, my God of mercy, for those parents who feel inconsolable when losing their children. Welcome them, Lord, you who are a Father of love and understand them better than anyone. Comfort their inexplicable hearts and help them overcome that pain so great that they carry.

Have mercy, Lord, on people with evil in their hearts and on irresponsible people who do not think about the damage caused by their bad actions. Enter their souls and free them from that evil that hurts them. Show them that life is full of wonders they can enjoy while remaining good people, and may your infinite love embrace them, my Lord.

Send your Spirit, Lord of my life, to accompany me during all the hours of this morning shift. That everything I can do is in your holy Name. Give me the courage to feel yours and to live for you.

May every corner of my life be inhabited by your beauty. Holy Father, I ask you to increase my faith one more day and help me to persevere in your love. Pour out your graces to be able to find yourself in every part of what you have created, in my friends, in people in need. Carry this prayer in the company and name of our Lord Jesus. Amen.

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