Morning prayer for March 10

Dear Father, the sun’s rays have opened my eyes to contemplate you in this new dawn. What a beautiful creation that you painted for me today. My heart also wants to open to start this intimate conversation in the form of a prayer for your ears.

Thank you, my beloved Lord, because you gave me this new day to be able to enjoy everything that is to come. Thank you very much, my lips give you because your goodness embraces me and relieves every bad feeling of tiredness, of all the fatigue of the night before. I ask you, my God, to keep my faith active and alive for everything that may come my way today.

I place this beginning of the day in your wonderful hands so that you are the one who guides my entire life with great prudence, and if at any time I stumble or fall, I can hold on to your powerful right hand and thus recover my strength in you and emerge very victorious from that situation.

Grant me the well-being I need to carry out all my daily activities; grant me the calm and rectitude to make the best decisions that help me cope with today’s day. Thank you for not abandoning me and for placing abundance in my house. Thank you for giving me what I need to be happy.

Thank you, Lord, for allowing me to have a job so I can bring food to my family. Thank you for the studies I have to be able to be a person prepared for the future. Thank you for the food you place on my table that has been prepared with so much love, which will serve me to give rise to this start of the day full of a lot of energy and encouragement.

Thank you very much, my good Lord, for the space you give me to be able to take refuge from the dangers of the streets. Whenever I have you by my side, I feel calm; stay like this, my God, close to me and close to all those who beg for your company in moments of darkness.

Father of infinite love, delicately collects all the hard moments I am going to experience and teach me to find the best solution. My dear Father, I need you in my life now and always. I want to face the trials of your hand with your invincible love, so I can achieve the happiness you promise.

Give me the will to continue turning to you through prayer, through this face-to-face dialogue, to continue standing with a firm and sure step, without fear of what wants to torment me. From your side, all good things are possible, my Lord. Everything comes out victorious and with love.

I give you my wonderful prayer, God, together with the request of those who had a very difficult awakening, so that they do not fall into despair. Wrap them in your calm, so that they know that they are not alone and that, above all difficulty or torment, I love you. They have you as a faithful companion of their days. Have mercy and mercy on them, my Lord, in the name of your sacred Son Jesus Christ, Amen.

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