Morning Prayer for March 11

Father of Mercy, today is a new day to thank you with all my heart for my healthy body and the clarity of my mind, for taking care of my dreams and not letting any nightmare disturb my rest. Thank you, Lord, for the awakening of my dear family. Thank you for the friendship that you give me. Teach me to accept it at all times and to value it as a precious treasure.

Thank you, divine Father, for the details of love that you sow in my days. Thank you for not leaving me alone and being my shelter during my inexplicable nights of darkness. Illuminate, Lord, my path with absolute truth and guide me along the correct path of righteousness, along the path that leads me to your future, full of peace and great hope.

This morning, which begins with the rays of your creation, I come on my knees to proclaim your name. I want to raise my hands to heaven, although sometimes I feel that my strength is exhausted. Be my rock, to obtain firmness in my faith and my actions. Take my sadness and transform it into smiles that give color to the souls of those around me.

Help me, my precious Father, to be able to see you in the needy who ask for water and food, in the man who works too hard in the streets, in the smiles of my friends and in the tears of those who suffer, to obtain the mercy that you have for me, and thus lead them to your eternal presence of love and tenderness.

Thank you, Lord, for all the blessings you bring into my life. I ask you, Lord, to always light the fire of your love in my heart. I want to be an instrument of your peace, to fearlessly follow each of your blessed steps like a faithful pilgrim.

On this day, I want my beloved Lord to give you my plans and my daily work. Thank you for all the wonders you give me. They are like small miracles that enrich every part of my existence.

Do not let the routine of the day exhaust my hopes, and do not let the enemy take over my thoughts and cause me to hurt you. If this day becomes different, may my heart not be discouraged, Lord, may my lips not silence my feelings and hold a grudge within me.

I would also like to ask you for all the people who desperately seek food that can satisfy them, a shelter where they can no longer feel cold or a roof where they feel safe, so that their requests are heard and that they also seek to feed on your Word.

With all this that I ask of you, Lord, I unite it to the certainty that they are taken by you with much love. Take my desires and my fears, because with you I can do everything and without you I am nothing. I ask this in the name of Jesus, your beloved Son, Amen.

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