Morning Prayer for March 12

Lord of my life, the dawn of this new day illuminates my face and I feel happy when contemplating this beautiful creation that you placed before my eyes today. I thank you because you kept me healthy and because you gave me a renewed spirit to start this day.

Father of goodness, thank you that I have woken up with the company of my relatives once again. I thank you, my God because from very early on, you filled my life with incomparable tenderness and strengthened this union through this intimate dialogue.

Allow me, Lord, to be able to meditate in my interior on every gift of love that you give me. Thank you for being that friend who never fails and that motivates me to start my day in a good way.

Divine Father, I would like you to help me enjoy every blessing you put in front of me and that you can grant me the good sense to be able to live calmly and prudently. Guide me along the paths of good and do not let go of your hand, so that I can stumble.

This morning I want you to drive away any harm or evil that wants to stalk the world that you created with so much love. Pour out many blessings for the people of every town, every city, and every country that, above all, do not know you and feel lost. Do not let them fall into despair and anguish. Place yourself, my Lord, as the center of their existence.

Dear Lord, make my faith increase at every moment so that I can always believe in you and give myself completely to what your will asks. Make me like clay in the hands of a potter and shape my life. Father, let there be no corner that is not bathed in your divine grace.

Thank you very much for the encouragement you gave me to take a good course in my work and in my studies. I know that everything that is moved by your hand will be successful and fruitful. Thank you for the intelligence for the easy solution to problems. Thank you for placing the right people in my path, which led me to you.

Thank you, beloved God, because you set a table with food for me and my family, because you teach us to share in the good and the bad, and because we always receive your forgiveness when we hurt your Sacred Heart. May all people praise you today and always, my adored King, for all the wonders you perform with love in each one.

Today I ask you, Lord, to restore my life and my heart once again. I need you so much that I can’t even imagine how much. Place in my mouth words that can please you and help others in their faith. May this morning be of great profit and may everything that I asked of you in my dreams be fulfilled together with your infinite mercy and through our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

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