Morning prayer for December 3

Thank you wonderful God, for giving me the happiness of enjoying one more opportunity with you. Thank you for giving me this day full of wonders and blessings. May this morning, my Lord, be very profitable and favorable for the plans that I have in my mind and in my heart.

On my knees I ask you Lord, that you fill every space of my life with your resplendent light, do not let me fall into the darkness of the enemy. Protect me and take care of me from the evils that may haunt me when I leave home. Be the guardian of my heart, dear Lord, and break all the chains that bind me to sin.

Thank you, my God, because the dawn of this day means a new opportunity for my family and the people most important to me. Make the day favorable for them too. Do not allow anyone to fail in the face of trials or adversity.

Lead us with hope and enthusiasm towards victory, because holding your hand, Lord, nothing is impossible.

Make us feel your wonderful presence in our lives, my God, that we can recognize how necessary You are to achieve the happiness we seek. May your love keep us united and may our prayer be ever more fervent. Grant us the happiness of being able to conclude all the plans we have for today in the best possible way.

I place this day in your hands, Lord, and I raise my prayer full of trust and faith, asking your forgiveness for the mistakes I make that hurt my brothers. Sorry because, in my weakness, I doubt your great power. Sorry because if things don’t go the way I expect them, I lose my patience and fail again.

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