Morning prayer for March 13

Precious Lord, it is a new day to be able to greet each other and thank you with the affection that characterizes me. Thank you, Eternal Father, because I can open my eyes and fix them on you through this prayer. I can stand up without complications to start organizing today’s day by your side.

This morning, I want to ask you, my good God, to illuminate my life, just as you have lit this day with the light of your creation. I want to thank you for the bed and the roof that you give me so that I can have restful dreams in your presence at night, and for the food of this day that will revive my body because today I have just what I need.

Thank you, Lord, because you enter my home and fill it with a lot of blessings because you allow me to look for you a little more, to polish and improve everything that I am; for the friends you give me that make my life more complete because I know that you are in the midst of that brotherly love.

This gratitude that I have for everything you always give me, makes my heart want to give you glory and majesty over all the earth. That you are the King of my life, Lord, that everything I see and hear reflects you, that drives me not to be afraid to follow you, to go against the tide of today’s world.

Kind God, through this fervent request, I place at your feet everything planned for this day; work, academic, and spiritual plans; the integrity of my loved ones; the lives of those I do not know but who need a sincere hug or a helping hand during your journey.

Don’t let the enemy take care of tormenting me. Take care of me from all evil that damages the good that I am forming inside me. I know that it costs me a lot, Lord, but I ask you to send your Spirit to dwell in me and thus come out triumphant in the face of the disturbance of problems.

Embrace with your peace those who do not know how to guide their lives and satisfy them with ephemeral things that end up destroying their souls little by little. Show them the true path of conversion in the power of your love and heal their wounds.

I want to have a good start to this day in your presence, my beautiful Father. May your mercy cover me during my walk. I want to be an instrument of your peace for those who need it and do not know how to find you. Teach me, Lord, to be a walking testimony in every corner of every street in every town where I go.

If for some reason, what I expect on this day does not turn out, I ask you to help me accept your will, which is better than mine. Help me not to get discouraged in the face of bad situations and to always look at the positive side that you put on it. In the love and name of Jesus Christ, your Son, Amen.

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