Morning Prayer for March 14

My Father of Love, good morning. This dawn that I contemplate is a new opportunity that you give me to live well. I thank you very much for such a precious gift. Thank you, Lord, because you watched over me during the night so that I could rest easy.

Thank you, Lord, for the bread you put on my table so that my loved ones and I can meet once again and enjoy the blessing of my home. Thank you for the work I have and my studies as well. May you be the center of everything you give me, Lord. Dwell in every corner of what I can think, say, or act.

God of absolute goodness, thank you for the joy of being able to approach you once again. May everything that breathes, everything that lives, praise your name forever, my Lord. May my words full of gratitude reach the sky and illuminate more this morning.

This morning, I surrender to your Providence so that you can show me everything convenient for me within your ways. I would like, Lord, that all the plans I have for this day be analyzed in detail by both of us, to be able to act righteously in the face of the storm.

Heavenly Father, pour out all your mercy on my home, on my life, and on the lives of the people I love the most, to start this day full of joy and many positive thoughts. I need you in everything I do and want to do. Lord, renew me once again with all your love because you make everything new and beautiful before your eyes.

Fill me with peace and confidence so that no one discourages me in my activities, in case someone tells me that I cannot achieve my dreams or my goals. Revive my spirit with your power, always awakening my heart so that only your love is enough for me and I want to take you as my ideal model of a person.

I want to ask you in this awakening, my Lord, for the people who do not find any meaning in their lives when they open their eyes. They do not know what to do today, but they live anxiously about tomorrow. I ask you to fill their souls with conviction. You give them back the hope and confidence that they once lost when they were disappointed in people or the bad circumstances they lived through.

Protect me from all the darkness that wants to stain my soul with sin. Defend me from corruption, now normalized as being an easy option to satisfy ephemeral needs, feed my being with truly fair attitudes, make good decisions, and be at peace.

Dear Father, give me the certainty that this morning my prayer will be heard very carefully. And if what was planned for today does not work out in my favor, encourage me to finish my activities with a good attitude. Amen. Guided by your Spirit and in the company of Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.

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