Morning prayer for March 15

Dear Father, it is good to know that I have one more day by your side, that I can wake up eager to talk to you personally. I want you to know that I am very grateful for the precious gift of life.

Thank you, because all of this can be used in the company of my loved ones who were also blessed with another day of life. Thank you for the warm food that you allow us to share and teach us to give without expecting anything in return.

I wish, Lord, to be able to capture every moment that I am about to live this morning, to know how to recognize you in every face, every look, every hug, and every need. Be eternally praised, my God, and blessed above all the Earth.

I have a heart that overflows with gratitude and joy because I felt accompanied for the rest of the night and protected from all evil. I ask that you also motivate and cheer up all the hearts that may feel weak in the face of discouragement, in the face of crisis, or the face of bad living; repair their lives, Lord, so that they can start on the right foot this wonderful day accompanied by your grace.

This morning, blessed Father, I want to place at your feet all the plans that I will set in motion, all the projects that I have in my thoughts so that I can carry them out with great benefit and with great awareness that they are under your approval. Assure me that you will be with me all day to guide my steps wisely.

I want to ask you, wonderful Father, that on this day you bless the lives of those women who are waiting for a new being. Open paths of truth dwell in their hearts so that they have the strength to continue their lives with hope.

Precious Lord, I raise my prayer to contemplate the beautiful sky with my praise, that all that I am true praises you because I only have you as an inheritance for others. Praise be to the everlastingly beautiful Creator of wonders and bless be, oh God, for you have always been my protection and comfort.

Thank you, good God, for always coming to my aid, for not leaving me alone on nights of deep sorrow, for reactivating my energies this morning to give you glory and love you as only your know-how. Renew my faith, Lord, and my desire to follow you with the full assurance that you are in my favor and that with you I can do everything.

Pour your grace on this heart that needs you in this new dawn. May my favor be heard and accepted under your divine will. If things do not turn out so well, allow me to see beyond the difficulty or misfortune, that I may see your immaculate face and go on this journey hand in hand with Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

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