Morning prayer for March 16

Lord of my life, today a new day began and I carefully see what you have put in front of my eyes so that I know how important I am to You. Sometimes I wonder how so much love towards me is possible, but You, through your beautiful creation, answer me that I am your work.

Although You are always the first to greet me with the rays of the sun that you put on my window, I want to say good morning with this humble prayer. Thank you, my Lord, for the precious gift of my existence, because I got up healthy and with more encouragement to seek pleasant horizons for You.

Thank you for the daily bread, for allowing everything that we save with effort to reach us when it is necessary so as not to die of hunger or thirst. All of you are a blessing to my life.

I feel that my heart is returning to its spiritual balance little by little, and I thank you for it, my Lord. Thank you for allowing, under your care, my body and mind to rest more calmly and thus be able to restore energy and encouragement for everything that comes.

Thank you, because I have the joy of being with the people who brighten my days. Sometimes we cannot see each other through the day, but I can have them share the first hours of the day. Take great care of their lives, their physical and emotional health, and take care of the plans that they have prepared today. They are always under your will.

I would like to be more attentive to everything you share with us, the value you, love you, and have the grace to not be able to hurt you with my bad decisions. I ask you to grant me the way you look because you do it with love.

This morning I put as a special request the lives of beings who are abandoned by children, the elderly, and animals. Receive them in your selfless love, my God, so that they do not feel alone and do not have to suffer any danger.

I cannot let this morning advance without proclaiming your name out loud, beloved God because you know how to conquer souls for your kingdom. Glory to you Lord forever, because there is no one who can separate us from your immense goodness. Glory to You , Mister. May my praise be as pleasant as perfume at your feet, my God. Bless you for all the beauty that springs from every work of yours, Lord.

On this beautiful day, I consecrate my life to your promises, my plans to your providence, and my actions to your perfect will. I ask you, beloved Father, in all my daily work, so that you are the one who gives me the certainty that I can do things well. I ask you in the name of our faithful friend Jesus, Amen.

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