Morning Prayer for March 18

My faithful God, one more morning begins to get closer to you and to be able to thank you because I can stand up to continue on my way. At this time, I want to be willing to start the day in the best possible way, with the certainty that it is you who controls everything and arranges everything.

Lord of pure and merciful love, thank you very much for your immense affection, for all the blessings that you place in every part of my life because every morning I live wrapped in your grace and you fill my existence with great hope. Today I only have praise for you and for everything that dwells in the Highest.

This morning, Holy God, I want to ask you for those people who fight a great battle against their eating disorders. Help them to value their lives because you keep them as a wonderful treasure in your hands. That they have the will to take care of their health and return to their essence as your children.

I also ask you, my Lord, for the people who start the day with problems, for all those who go through physical and soul illness. Turn to their requests for assistance so that you can be their faithful comfort and refuge when they come to you.

My Lord, my God, help them to find the peace they need so that their soul does not falter and to see reality from a different perspective so that you are their strength during their problems and so they do not lose perseverance. Increase their faith and help them to always believe in you. Nothing is impossible for you, God of tenderness.

Beautiful Father, you are the only one who can give meaning to my plans. Bless my life, because, for you, there is nothing that cannot be achieved. Beautiful God, this morning I held your hand to proclaim your victory over all evil.

Stay very close to me and mine, Father of peace. Ensure that we are always united and help us to be a family of prayer every day, to be able to thank you and praise your name above all multitudes. Be the center of our lives, my Lord, to be part of the greatness of your love and thus fill us with your grace.

I raise my prayer this morning, beloved God the Father, so that it may be received with great devotion. I beg you, with great humility, that you take into account everything I ask of you. Stay here this morning, blessing me and loving me, so that nothing bad will affect my health or destroy my plans.

Thank you very much, blessed Father, because I am confident that my prayer is taken with love and care. Give me a day full of obedience and fidelity to keep my record on everything you promise. Stay to direct my path with great security under the blessing and grace of Jesus, your beloved Son, Amen.

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