Morning prayer for March 19

This morning, glorious Lord, that lights my heart to praise you, is made to give you thanks. After the night and with the light of the sun, I get up and go to you to thank you for letting me have a calm sleep.

Thank you for protecting my mind from any negative thoughts or fears that may arise. Thank you, my God, because since my eyes are open, I can feel the warmth of your company and the sweetness of your love. I strongly ask you that today is a very friendly day for me. Help me fulfill the plans that I have written and make all my actions available so that they are to your liking.

If you are with me, there is nothing to fear, because you are on my side. Blessed be forevermore, my beautiful and majestic Lord. I truly praise you. Although sometimes I don’t know how to do it better than others, I know that you are the one I must follow and I place all my trust in this walk.

On this morning, eternal Father, I ask you to watch over my family. Carefully protect their steps, watch the paths they walk, so that, if they stray, you immediately go to their rescue and redirect them towards you.

Blessed God, may your wisdom be placed on the minds of the people who need it most so that they have the lucidity of their work and can thus obtain the best benefits that they have set out to achieve. With righteousness, illuminate their lives and clarify their perspectives.

Keep us in permanent union through perseverance in prayer, so that we can support each other and thus emerge victorious from moments of difficulty. May every situation in life be overcome with the strength of love, self-control, and full confidence in your saving power.

Do not let us lack food on the table, and motivate us not to collapse before the test. Please bless our home with your grace and stand before all of us so that the enemy does not have the opportunity to enter our lives for any reason.

Deliver us from all evil that wants to disturb us. Remove all stains from my soul. That all negative thoughts be expelled from my mind and my heart. Do not let him be caught in the nets of sin. Come to my help, Lord. Illuminate with your grace every decision that is about to be made, so that you can choose with great conviction.

I ask you for all the people who have suffered abuse for years and, because of fear, were forced to remain silent. Receive them in your mercy, my Lord. Make them need to seek you in that darkness so that they may be cleansed of all pain and guilt that distresses their lives. All my prayers and requests will be done in the Name of Jesus. Amen.

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