Morning Prayer for March 20

Beloved Father, today I feel so happy to be able to wake up one more day, to be able to open my eyes and contemplate this wonderful world, which in your infinite mercy, you created for me and my brothers.

Today I have the happiness of being able to hug my parents, love them, and be able to take care of them. Today I can be happy because I have brothers who love me as I love them, and because I can see the smiles of my friends and shake their hands.

Thank you, Heavenly Father, because you allow me to start over, to be able to amend my mistakes, and to be able to work on myself to become a better person and a better son for you.

I feel happy because I know your mercy and because I am a witness to all your love, of which I want to be worthy, Lord. I want to correspond to each of your blessings for having given me a wonderful family, a warm home, a roof, sustenance, friends, and thousands of other things that I could never finish counting.

Father of goodness, by your side, there is nothing and no one who can fight against me, because you give me the strength and courage to fight against everything that wants to disturb my peace and tranquility. It is enough for me to pronounce your sacred name so that an immense consolation fills my soul.

Protect my loved ones this morning. I want to ask you with all my heart for protection for my loved ones. Protect them, my God. You who have seen the evil of this world and the way life is taken from us daily for banal objects, protect my family, my friends, and all my brothers.

I beseech you, Father, to shine your light on my life today, so that my actions are good and my thoughts are pure; and I beseech you, Lord, to help me stand firm in your word, which is the only food for the soul, and that he will deliver me from all ruin.

On this day, Father, may your Spirit stay with me and allow me to recognize those who need me and be able to help them. Help me, Eternal Father, to be an instrument of faith in your hands, to share with my brothers the wonderful treasure that is your gospel.

Today I entrust myself to you, hoping that you can calm my fears and my needs. There is nothing that you cannot achieve, Lord. You are the God of everything, the Father of everything, and I give you my life this tomorrow that has just begun for you to guide me, Lord. And all this I humbly ask in the name of your beloved Son, Jesus Christ, Amen.

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