Morning Prayer for March 21

This morning, blessed and loving Heavenly Father, I want to thank you for allowing me to enjoy another day of life. For having a heart that pronounces your name with every beat, for having recovered the strength that I lost yesterday, and that today you renew me to face this new day.

Thank you, beloved Father, because you have allowed me to witness your creation one more day. Because I can now spend time at home with my loved ones. Oh, beautiful Lord, you have restored my joy in seeing their smiles, in being able to embrace those I love, in giving them all of me.

Nothing compares, Father, to your unconditional love. You give me every day the opportunity to start from scratch, with new opportunities and new challenges, which make me a stronger and better man.

Everything you allow in my life, Lord, has a sacred purpose. That is why, this morning, I give you my whole life so that you may be the guide of my destiny and my decisions. I want to be at the mercy of you because only in this way do I know that I will reach happiness this day.

I want to thank you, beloved Father, because, although I am not the best of your children, you love me, and you let me know it through your care, through your holy protection, and I ask you with all my heart that this day be the same, that you can stay by my side, protecting me from all danger and evil.

I humbly desire, beloved God, that this day you take me by your holy hand so that I do not stray from the good path, the one you taught through your beloved Son. Help me to use my hands in favor of the neediest. Give me clarity of mind not to wander between lies and slander. Help me, Father, to always choose the right thing.

This world is full of challenges, Lord, and I do not want to get lost in doubts and mistrust. I want to always be your servant. My God of truth, I do not want the wickedness of this world to disturb my mind, filling it with distrust, and my faith in you will be the only one that will make me see the truth.

This morning, dear God, I ask you with faith and hope that you allow me to enjoy your blessings; that food is not lacking on the tables of all my brothers; that the shelter of your love fills with warmth the cold souls of those who have forgotten you; of those who have lost faith; and that I may be a path to you for them; that my voice and my example may preach your word, so that my brothers may return to you.

Help me, my father, to always find your light. I thank you, Eternal Lord, for giving ear to my prayers, for attending to my supplications, and for giving me all that you consider suitable for me. I only want your will to be done in my life, Glorious God, in the sacred name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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