Morning Prayer for March 22

My Glorious God, you give me the blessing of being able to open my eyes, that the sun illuminates my path, and that I can enjoy each of your creations yet another morning. Thank you, my God, because I feel full and full of life as I begin a new journey from your hand, from which I never want to let go.

I thank you, Lord, of Mercy, because this morning I can count on the presence of my family. I feel blessed, Lord, because I can see your love through their eyes and I feel your spirit through the hugs they give me. I will never tire of thanking you for having placed them in my life; they are the most precious gift you have given me.

I want to thank you, Father God, because I feel renewed. I woke up this morning full of energy and full of your Holy Spirit, which accompanies me throughout the day so that I can be a man of profit for your holy purposes.

I thank you infinitely, my beloved father because you have not forsaken me during the night and I have been able to enjoy a pleasant sleep under a safe roof. I thank you, Lord, because you have given me the glory of enjoying each one of your infinite blessings.

Thank you, beautiful Father, because I can speak and express everything I feel and think because I can walk and get where I want, because I can use my hands to help others, and because I can see the wonders of the universe that you created for all of us. Thank you, my Divine Lord.

I can’t stop thanking you, Beloved God, for each of my talents and abilities. Thank you for allowing me to develop them and to be of benefit in my workplace. I will do my best to compensate for the gifts you have given me, Lord, and I thank you that today I can use them in the same way. I thank you for allowing me to continue to develop them.

Lord, you know my situation at this moment and what I need. You know my sorrows and afflictions, my joys and worries. I would like that with your holy will, you give me the peace and calm that I need.

I beg you, Father, to look after those who are not at home, who are separated from their homes and the people they love. My God, take care of them and protect them. Give comfort to their souls full of sadness. May the pain not cloud their judgment and may they be able to find you among so much sorrow. Give them all the strength they need to move forward.

I want to ask you, merciful Lord, that on this day you allow me to go by your hand, that nothing essential may be lacking for me or my brothers and sisters. Let me, Blessed Lord, enjoy your company and your Spirit. Help me to be a good man this day, always doing your will, in the name of your beloved son, Jesus Christ, Amen.

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