Morning Prayer for March 23

My beautiful Lord, a new day is dawning in my life, and I thank you for allowing me to open my eyes once again. Thank you my God that I remained safe through the night thanks to your protection.

I thank you, my God, for all the weariness of the previous day, which has vanished, and today I feel renewed and ready to serve you. Thank you for having given one more day of life to my family, my friends, and other people. Thank you because today, from early morning, I can already feel your love touching my spirit.

Thank you, Beloved Father, because this morning I can enjoy your blessings, which are countless because I can start again and improve on everything I did wrong yesterday. Thank you for allowing me to be a messenger of your love. Thank you because you do not leave me nor forsake me.

I will always be grateful to you, Lord, because every day you give me the gift of life, and you also give me the ability to perform my work, meet objectives, and set goals. Thank you, beautiful Father, because this day I will be able to get closer to my dreams, working hard and with faith that everything can be achieved thanks to you.

My Lord of goodness, thank you for my health. It is a very valuable gift these days where pollution and diseases abound. I feel fortunate to be able to get out of bed and feel free of diseases.

Trusting in you, Lord, I give you my life and that of my family, so that this day you may be our guide and redeemer, so that today you may cleanse our sins and guide us on the right path, the one that your beloved Son taught us, the one that brings us closer to you and will lead us to live with absolute happiness.

I pray, my beloved Father, that this day you allow us to discern between what we want and what you desire for our lives. I ask that you allow us to learn from our mistakes, that we find in every challenge a lesson of life, and that we do not give in to the temptation of the enemy, that we may yield our cheeks to those who hurt us.

This morning, my Lord, I ask you to give me the courage to face my fears and do what I long to do, so that I can take a step forward over my enemies because of forgiveness. I ask you, my God, that today I may free myself from bitterness and resentment, that today only my love for my neighbor may triumph, so that I may teach others by my example.

I pray that you may bless all the people of this world, that you may give them the warmth of your love, and that you may allow us to have a day full of grace if that is your will, Lord. All of this we ask in the name of our beloved Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

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