Morning Prayer for March 24

My Lord, you give me a new morning to be able to witness your love, to contemplate the wonders of this world created by you, to be able to breathe this air, to be able to smell the flowers of the garden, to contemplate the sunny sky, and to feel the rays of the sun.

My God, I thank you eternally for those who love and care for me. I want to thank you because not only have I awakened today, but also my beautiful family, whom you gave me to protect, to love, and above all, to lead them on your path.

Thank you, Beloved Father, for watching over my dreams during the night so that I can open my eyes today and praise your wonderful works and precious blessings.

I adore you, Father; you provide me with new opportunities, new friends, and new moments that will last forever if I dedicate them to your service, my Lord. Thank you because nothing can disturb my sleep and because I can praise your name and your love this morning.

You are my ever-present guide to love and happiness, and there is nothing I cannot accomplish with you. Everything I do in your name, Lord, will be blessed, and you will provide me with the strength I need to complete my tasks today. I have many goals and dreams to achieve, Father of Love, and I want to thank you for each one of them because they make me strive harder. After all, they demand more from me, and that can only make me a great man.

On this beautiful and clear morning, I just want to put myself at your feet, my Lord. I have put myself on my knees to worship you and I want to do it always, my God, because you are my food of life. You are the only one who has the truth and the way to exaltation.

With all the respect that you deserve, my beloved Lord, I beg you that on this day I do not lack sustenance for my family, that I do not lack food, that I do not lack clothes to cover us from the weather, that laughter floods my house and that happiness overflows my soul.

I ask you with love, Lord of Peace, that all this day your Spirit accompanies me, so that those tasks entrusted to me may be carried out successfully, and in this way, may my strengths be united to my unwavering faith in you, Lord.

If it is your will, my God, that this day I may achieve my goals, that the trials that are presented to me during the day may serve me as an arduous learning experience, and even if it hurts, that the truth may always be present in my days. I humbly ask you, Father, that this day you fill us with blessings, both material and spiritual. I hope your will is fulfilled. I leave all this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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