Morning Prayer for March 25

This morning, Lord of Heaven, I wake up happy and I kneel before you, to adore your name, to exalt your soul, and to thank you for your eternal blessings. I want to thank you, O Eternal Father because I have been able to open my eyes and close them again to converse with you.

I feel you so close to me, Father because with each of your blessings, you sent me a part of you. Lord, I see you everywhere; life is a miracle, and you gave it to me although I do not always deserve it; thank you for believing in me, beloved father.

I want to thank you, God, because my night had no inconveniences, because the nightmares did not take over my fragile mind, and because I got the expected rest that my body and soul needed so much.

I feel grateful to you, Beloved Lord because you give me sustenance day after day. After all, you allow me to support my family. After all, I can have a plate of food on my table, because I have shelter and a safe roof. I thank you, Father, for your unselfish blessings, because you give me so much and I give you so little.

You know everything, Lord: My tears and my sorrows. I beg you to give me the peace of your embrace, to comfort me with your shelter, and to help me with your blessed hands to achieve what I propose. I beg you, my God, do not forsake me this new day. May you take care of me and that evil does not reign in my home.

I beg you, Eternal Father, that this day your Spirit rests upon me so I can have my mind clear and free of negative thoughts that only poison my soul against the rest, that today you can fill my mind with everything that your word teaches, that you guide me and be my lighthouse during the darkness of the world.

Do not allow me to move away from you, Lord. Do not allow my soul to die of thirst for your word. Let me stay by your side, Father. May I learn from you daily. May this day be full of learning and precious moments with those I love the most.

I pray to my Lord, this morning, may you give me the strength I need to bring sustenance to my home. I pray, Lord, may you continue to bless us with health, because without health, Father, I could not watch over my family, and I ask you please, do not allow me to fall into illness.

May your love fill us with joy and allow us to perform all our labors with devotion, always trusting in you, O Godly Lord, to guide and protect us forever, while we wait for your holy will to be done, in the name of your son Jesus Christ, Amen.

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