Morning Prayer for March 26

Lord my God, may this new day that begins be of peace and prosperity, may the light of your love guide us throughout the day, may we not faint before the trials of life, and may we have enough faith to defeat the enemy.

I thank you for the health and well-being that you have showered on me. Thank you very much, My God, because from very early on, you were already preparing blessings for me and my family. Loving Father, I will not get tired of thanking you for having chosen me to be part of this family.

Holy Father, I am infinitely grateful for each one of your blessings, because you give me the gift of life once again. You stay by my side even when I have failed when I have not followed your example, Eternal Father because you do not abandon me nor let me fall into temptations that daily present themselves in my path.

I want to open my heart Father and tell you how blessed I am to have a home, a family, a house, food, clothes, a comfortable bed to rest, a decent job to be able to bring bread to my house, thank you because I can meet the needs of my family and because I can share my blessings with them.

Give me wisdom and the confidence to place all my afflictions on you. Give me the patience I need with my neighbor. Give me strength not to lose my faith when temptation invades my mind. Give me the wisdom to know how to distinguish the bad from the good Lord.

Lord, give me wisdom on this day to make good decisions. May my good judgment not be clouded by my beloved Father, help me to keep a good spirit and the right attitude towards others, even if sometimes they do not behave well with me.

Forgive me if yesterday I did things that did not please you, Father, forgive me for hurting my brothers, for not controlling my impulses and my actions, this morning, I implore you, Lord, cleanse me and renew me with your Merciful spirit Lord because this new day I want to do good, I want to help the needy and comfort the suffering.

My Father, as the day begins, I want to place my illusions, problems, and needs in your hands. You know what is best for me. May your will be done, Lord, because I know what I want, but you know what I need.

I ask You with love, do not leave my side today, I need You near me, kind Lord, let me go by your hand through this difficult path of life, and bless today all those around me today, we all need You, my God. I ask all this, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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