Morning Prayer for March 27

Lord of peace, God of love, this morning I entrust myself to you, so that you may be the guide of my path, the one who takes the reins of my life and the one who directs me towards eternal life. I am grateful to you, Father, because once again I have opened my eyes and I have been able to contemplate the clear sky that illuminates the faces of my loved ones.

Thank you, Beautiful Father, because today I woke up well in my bed, and not in a hospital bed, in a prison bed, or the street. Thank you for this enormous gift, for being able to share with my family the gift of life and health that you have given us until today.

I want to thank you, my God, because the new dawn illuminates my projects, my goals, and my dreams. With the sun, my hopes are born to be closer to achieving my goals, and I owe it all to you, Lord Beloved, because you forged my path every day, and today you are still by my side.

There is nothing you cannot achieve in my life, Lord. You transformed me and made me a good man, a man of good, and I thank you for not having lost your faith in me because, despite so many mistakes, you still love me and bless me with so many things, material and above all spiritual.

I thank you, loving Father because this new morning is full of blessings because you allow me to amend my mistakes. Because today I can start again everything I did wrong yesterday. It is a new day, Lord, and I do not want to leave you for a second.

I am so grateful because you have given us your protection all night long, because you kept all evil away from my family and me, and because you allowed me to wake up and be able to embrace those I love. I thank you, my Lord because one of your many blessings is being able to bring sustenance to my home and to be able to develop in my areas of work.

I beg you, my God, may you protect me today from all evil that lurks and disturbs the peace, may you protect my family, and may we all return safely to our warm home at the end of the day; do not abandon us this day, my Lord; I pray you can pour your blessing and care on this new day, both for me and my brothers.

May your Holy Spirit dwell in my home so that love and understanding are never lacking. May forgiveness flow in me when someone hurts me. May I recognize and repent of the things I do wrong. I beg you, my God, that this day there is no lack of food on the table of every home. May we not be indifferent to the pain of others. May we lend a hand to those who need it most.

I am always waiting for your wise will to be done, merciful Lord, because only you know what is best for me and my family. I thank you and I pray all this in the name of Jesus Christ, our Savior. Amen.

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