Morning Prayer for March 28

Dear Heavenly Father, I thank you for this new day, for allowing me to be a better person than I was yesterday, and for allowing me to help others and make virtues out of my flaws.

Thank you, because today I can discover a thousand and one ways to be happy, and I will make it worthwhile. Thank you, because this new morning is permanent proof of your infinite love for me. You have not abandoned me for a moment and you have been with me while I rested my tired body.

Thank you, Blessed Lord, for your unconditional love, for demonstrating to me that you are always present in everything good that happens to me, and for being my strength when sadness approaches.Thank you for comforting my soul, beloved Father.

I am eternally grateful to you, Father, for once again providing me with a roof over my head, a home, and a wonderful family who adores me. Thank you for the food that is never missing from my table, O Divine Lord. Thank you for all that you allow me to enjoy with my loved ones, for every moment of happiness that you have given us, for every trial, and every sadness. Thank you for making us stronger every day, for taking us by the hand, and showing us the path of what is right.

I want to thank you, my God, because you have allowed me to enjoy health, emotional well-being, and the necessary means to support the family that you have given me in your immense goodness.

Today I want to ask you, beautiful Father, if one day I fail you, you will not fail me, because I would not know what to do without you, Lord. I would be nothing more than an abandoned soul in the desert of doubts. If you see me lost in my faith, protect me so that I may not fall into darkness and lose the path that your word offers me each day.

I beg you, my beloved Father, to cover with your sacred mantle all those who are on bad steps. My God, give them clarity of mind, so they can let go of the evil that has taken over their hearts. Give them confidence in themselves, my Lord so they can know that, as your children, they are capable of achieving great things. Help them to get out of that hole in which they find themselves, my Lord.

I also want to ask you, Father, for those who do not know your Gospel, for those who do not want to listen to your Word, and for those who refuse your existence. Protect them, Lord; they are just confused people and they need you as much or even more than I do. Show them, Lord, the way to the truth.

If it is your will, my God, I beg you to protect me throughout this new journey. Not only me, Lord but also those who leave their homes today to seek a better future, those who stay at home taking care of the children or the elderly, take care. Blessed Father of our children, may your Sacred Spirit keep them from all danger, always waiting for your will, Eternal Father. This, my Lord, I ask this today with all my heart, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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