Morning Prayer for March 29

My Lord, on this new day, I thank you for being able to see each member of my family again and to face with them what this new morning has in store for us. Thank you, merciful Father, for giving me another opportunity to show them how much I love them and for giving me the joy of sharing many moments with them.

Thank you, Divine God, because today I was able to wake up at home, in a comfortable bed, healthy and with much joy, knowing that I will be able to walk to the park, be with my friends, laugh with my family, and above all, thank you, my Lord, because I will be able to kneel to thank you when the day ends today.

I want to thank you, my beloved Lord, because by giving me this new day, you allow me to start over, to be able to do well what I did wrong yesterday, to be able to help, and to be able to share my blessings with those who need it most.

Holy Father, I want to thank you for allowing me to open my eyes wide today. Thank you for having watched over my sleep and that of my loved ones. Thank you, Lord, because when I woke up I had no bad news. On the contrary, I was filled with happiness to see my family with me.

I ask you, God of the just, that on this day you allow me to continue learning. I know I am not perfect, Lord, and I need your constant guidance. May your Holy Spirit whisper to me the way and may the impressions that your power gives me lead me to the path of truth.

Lord, I ask you to give me your support to know how to overcome the challenges and trials of this day, to be able to face them with strength if it is my turn to experience some sadness, with humility if it is my turn to be in greatness.

I do not ask for material riches, Beloved Father, but the riches of the heart. That you allow me to see the smile of my children and smell the perfume of my beloved, that this day I can embrace my mother and strongly shake the warm hand of my father.

Make them strong, my God, so that they will know how to deal with any adversity.

Father, help me to forgive and to be able to support those I find most difficult; cleanse me of prejudices and vanities, and fill me only with your divine love, Lord. I always thank you for your love and understanding and I ask all this in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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