Morning Prayer for March 30

Thank you, Father of Mercy, for this new day, for waking me up healthy and full of life; thank you for allowing me to enjoy your many creations once more; and thank you, my Lord, because this new day is a gift of love from you.

I give you infinite thanks, Lord, because today I can see and enjoy my loved ones once again. Thank you for having given them a new dawn. Also, thank you because you have allowed them to live new experiences and obtain new learning.

I thank you, my divine Lord, because my table is not empty, and my heart is full of love. Thank you, my God, because this morning my feet have shoes to walk in, clothes to cover me, and a roof to protect me from all the evils that roam the streets.

In your infinite goodness, Lord, you have allowed me to help others with my abilities, skills, or talents. Allow me to continue to do so, that I may be an instrument of your goodness, Beloved Father.

I want to thank you, Holy Father, because you have blessed me in abundance by giving me a family, whom I love with immense fervor. Thank you for having given me the fortune of having a means of work. Thank you because I can enjoy small and great earthly pleasures. And above all, thank you, My Lord, for the spiritual treasures that little by little you are giving me.

I am only your servant, Father, and I want to do your will, that you may take my life to direct my lost brothers to you because it is true, Father, that the lost need you more than the faithful, and today I pray for them, Lord, that you soften their hard hearts and that they may transform their lives as a result of you.

I come this morning before you, Lord, to ask you for the people that I carry in my heart, to ask you for all those people that you have put in my life and on my path, who were good and also bad for me. I ask you for them, my Lord, to take care of them and guide them on the path of truth and love.

I ask you, my blessed God, for all those who ask for your help and comfort, who need your grace and favor, and for all those who count on it, I ask you to give ear to their prayers, and grant them what your will is prudent to give them.

May your Holy Spirit be with me today, Lord, so that each of my labors may be completed, that I may improve in every aspect of my life. Bless me, Lord, to be able to achieve my goals, to help others, and may your protection never fail me, because I cannot live without you, my beloved Lord. I hope that your holy will be manifested in my day, Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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