Morning Prayer for March 31

Lord, in this new day that begins, I want to put my life in your hands, as well as my goals and projects, so that all may be blessed with your infinite wisdom and love. I want all my life to be guided by you.

You are Lord, my first thought in the mornings. You are what my soul needs when I can’t find calm. Only you, beloved Father, can give me the nourishment of life, your word, and your blessing.

And I want to thank you, Lord, for the gift of life in this new morning. Thank you for choosing me once again, for allowing me to be here, together with my family, and for sharing our many blessings. Thank you, eternal Father, for allowing me to enjoy one more day of everything created by you.

I thank you for being able to have my family united under the same roof. I thank you for all the good things I have and for all the bad things too because it helps me to grow and strengthen my faith. Thank you for those who love me and also for those who do not, because thanks to them I can learn the gentleness and kindness with which you want me to treat them.

Thank you, my Lord, because during the night you watched over my dreams because there was nothing that disturbed my mind and my heart. Thank you, because I woke up joyful and full of your love. Thank you, beautiful God, for all that you allow in my life and for all that you take away from me. Thank you for showing me the way, even though many times I do not understand.

My Lord, I ask your forgiveness for the mistakes I have made before. I do not want to fail you, beloved Father, but sometimes my judgment is clouded and I cannot choose the right thing. Forgive me and allow me to be a better man.

On this new day, Lord, if I lack strength, may you strengthen me; if fear takes hold of me, may you fill me with courage; if I witness an injustice, may I have the firmness to defend the truth; if there is someone fallen, may I lift him; if someone suffers, may I be his consolation.

I ask you, my Lord, may your light shine brightly in my life and the lives of my loved ones. May I be a beacon of your truth. May I be able to bring your word to those who are hungry for faith, and may I not allow others to hide it. May it be your will, beloved Lord, that decides if I deserve all that I ask for. May it be your will and I will accept it with a smile, trusting that it will be the best that you can give me.

Please stay by my side all day today. May our hearts be one and may you give me all the peace I need. I ask, please, Lord, may my family and friends be blessed with your power, with your love, and your mercy, so that they will be able to carry out this day successfully over their enemies, hoping, Holy Father, that you will prevail over any desire of mine, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

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