Morning Prayer for January 4

Beloved King, I approach your presence to thank you for the new day that you grant me. Thank you because I wake up full of health and because my eyes can contemplate the beauty of your creation. Thank you because the radiant sun illuminates my tomorrow to go out, with great enthusiasm, to achieve the plans I have for today.

Thank you, blessed Lord, because now I am about to start a very profitable day, seeking prosperity in my daily activities with the confidence that you are by my side in every step I can take. Take care of me and protect me the rest of the day, granting me health and well-being in the places where I must go.

Dear Lord, I ask you day by day to strengthen my faith and give me the wisdom to be able to make decisions that help me achieve my goals; Help me to trust your promises, understanding that if things are not yet achieved, it is because it is not yet time for it.

This morning, beautiful Father, I want you to give me the courage and the willpower to continue despite the problems, despite the disappointments and despite the failures, I may have. I want my trust in You to be able to remain intact, to recognize before the world that you are the only path that I must follow, the only King of my life, and the only God who will lead me along the paths of victory and happiness.

My God, I give you all my plans and my projects for today, so that you can take control of everything and grant me a favor when you see that it is necessary. Look at my heart and see the needs I have, give me patience and tranquility so as not to despair in the face of obstacles.

My beloved Lord, on this day I want to ask you to pour out your blessing and your mercy for people who have a difficult start, for those who experience hard times and that makes them doubt your presence. Give them the comfort they seek and the hope they need to continue on this difficult path.

Allow Lord, that they find their way back to your Kingdom so that they rejoice in your love and in your mercy so that they can face the problems that they have with much more strength knowing that they are not alone in their battle, but that You fight to the side of them and that you will lead them in victory.

Father God, give me the vitality to put the best of me in every moment of this day, give me optimism to always see the good side to the various situations that arise, help me to enjoy the day with my family, with my friends, or with the people you put in my way. May my actions exalt your name and power, O magnificent Lord.

Illuminate, Lord, this day with your beautiful light, may your holy will always be done in my life, for I have full confidence that there is a plan with my name that is being carried out and that the tests that are presented on my way, they are not in vain. All this I ask of you through the intercession of your Son Jesus Christ. Amen.

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