Morning Prayer for April 1

Kind Lord, as I open my eyes and kneel to praise you, the sun is shining once more in my life. I thank you for every one of your blessings in my life, and for everything you give me, Lord.

I want to thank you, God, because I woke up in the company of my family. You have granted us sweet dreams, allowed our bodies to rest, and kept us warm.

Heavenly Father, I want to thank you for all your gifts, for my life, friends, family, for both the good and bad things, and for everything I have gone through. I pray that today, you will provide me with further experience in my life so that I can fill it with your love and strength to face whatever challenges come my way.

Thank you, blessed Lord, because you cover my family with your precious blood, and help us to become decent people, who tirelessly seek your approval. My Lord, thank you for looking after my family and me during the night, for we were not alone to face the enemy’s power. Thank you, God, because you shelter me with your love, and because the dreams I dreamt, were comforting and a source that will guide me today.

I humbly pray, dear Father, that you will not allow me to fall into temptation, nor for greed or power to confuse me. Please help me to be a humble servant and able to protect the needy.

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I pray Lord to be able to see my family safe and sound at the end of the day. Please help me to be motivated and not to give in at work so that I can provide for my family.

Where there is hate, Father, may I be loving, and when people judge and humiliate others, may I be kind. Please help me to protect the lonely and vulnerable, and not to remain indifferent when people grieve. Please help me so that I can help others.

Lord, God, and righteous Father, I humbly pray that you take care and protect the people I love. Do not allow for the evil of this world to harm them, do not abandon them, Lord. You are the only one who can see if my words and heart are sincere, so please do not draw away from me. Kind Father, do not allow for my family or loved ones to be subject to the mercy of evil. I pray that you will fulfill my heart’s desires. May these desires be according to your will, because You are wise and only You know what is best for me.

I pray for you to pour out your blessings on me and my loved ones on this beautiful day, Lord. May there be food on our table. Please provide us with the shelter and protection that we need, because we are weak and vulnerable in the face of temptation and that of the enemy. Please stay with us today, Lord, and do not let go of my hand, for I need you to be my guide, truth, and light. May your will be done, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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