Morning Prayer for April 2

Kind Lord, I come before you today, on this day, which is about to begin, and glorify your name and your deeds. I want to thank you for your countless blessings and to ask you not to let go of my hand today because I need you as I do every other day, Lord.

I thank you because you provide and take care of me, my Lord. Heavenly Father, you have given me the gift of life, and together with it, the joy of having a family that I love with all my heart. Thank you for allowing me to wake up by their side today and thank you for ridding us of painful illnesses. You have always freed us from death regardless of our fallen behavior.

Thank you, Lord, because there is always food on my table, a home that protects us from the cold and heat, and thank you, because you have prevented us from falling, Lord. Whenever my prayers have been sincere, you have given me more than I have asked for.

You are a kind, Father, you take care of me and protect my family and me by showing us your love and faithfulness every day.  You never abandon us amid a storm, Lord, but stick with us, providing a foundation to lean on, dear God. You set trials and challenges for me to face daily, some of them are very difficult, but You never set an obstacle without first knowing whether I can tackle it or not, and your plan for my life is perfect, Lord.

Kind Lord, despite your countless blessings, I pray today that you may provide me with what I need most, which is food and a home to live in. I humbly pray, Father, that you will provide what I ask for if it is your will to do so.

Lord, times are tough, and evil has taken hold of this world. My faith is strong, yet I need You and beg you to protect my family and all the folks who need your protection, Father, and I pray for your almighty power to bless us.

I pray, Father, that I may be able to carry out my tasks successfully, and that they may be useful to my community. I also want to be able to offer words of encouragement to whoever needs them.

Lord, please place your healing hands on the folks who are ill. Heal the people who grieve, may they feel that there is hope and not lose their faith. I pray for those who have been forced to leave their families in search of a better future. Keep them out of harm’s way, easy money, and evil, Lord, so that they can achieve their aims without hurting others.

I pray, Father, to be patient with my brethren, compassionate, and understanding. Please help me not to be ignorant and driven by everything the media publishes. Help me to trust my own judgment and to be less judgmental. Help me, Father, to put myself in the other person’s position before groundlessly judging them. I beg you, Lord, that I may return home today and be with my family despite so many dangers. I trust that your will be carried out, Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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