Morning Prayer for April 3

Eternal Father, on this beautiful morning, you reward me by being able to open my eyes and be a witness to all your blessings. Your blessings are countless. I want to take this opportunity to speak to you and thank you for another day in my life. It is thanks to you that I can carry out my plans and goals and move closer to becoming the successful persona I yearn to be.

My Lord, I thank you because the fact that I was able to wake up, means a lot to me.  I want to thank you because I can learn to be a better person today than I was yesterday, Father. I obviously want to be with you, and your Holy Spirit, because the only place I need to be is by your side.

Thank you, Father, because I was able to recover my strength las night. I thank you because due to this I can now start the day feeling in good health and in a good mood.

I want to thank you, Lord, because you do not abandon my family, and you allow us to keep together and share your word. Thank you, Lord, because you provide us with our daily bread, good health, and you do not forsake us. I will always be thankful to you because I love you and because I am thankful for your love, patience, and above all, your forgiveness. You are a kind and merciful Father who forgives my mistakes and offers me peace and comfort.

I feel blessed because you are my refuge, Father. There is nothing about me that you are indifferent to, and because you back my plans and help me to distinguish what is right from what is wrong.

I pray that you hear my prayer this morning, dear God and that you may be able to listen to the secrets my heart has so that you may help me to reach the goals that I have set for myself, which I hope are to your liking. I do not want to do anything that is not to your will, Lord. You know what is good for me and I only know what is in my heart.

Lord, I need you and need to feel the warmth your love offers. I want to ask you to bless me and bless the folks around me. Please give us health so that we can enjoy every day, sound judgment not to be subject to gossip and prejudice, and humane towards defenseless people. I beg you to show us your infinite love.

I pray that you bless me on this day Lord and that I may successfully carry out what I have planned for the day at work, in my family, and in my personal life. Please protect us, eternal Father, from this fallen world. Help us and cover us with your robe, so that evil does defeat us, Lord.

Please, stay with me Father and may your Spirit guide my decisions and provide me with the strength I need to reach the end of the day. You are the source of infinite Love, therefore I place my life in your hands, and thank you and pray at the same time, in the name of your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

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