Morning Prayer for April 4

Beloved Lord of my life, this morning, you gave me the gift of being able to open my eyes once again, to enjoy the presence of my loved ones, and to enjoy your blessings again.

I thank you, my God, because with this new dawn you allow me to start again and to improve on everything that yesterday did not go as I wished. This day is a new page where I can write about new experiences, new adventures, and above all, new challenges.

Thank you, my Lord, for allowing me to have a roof over my head, for allowing me to sleep in a warm bed, for providing food on my table today, and for providing me with good health; thank you, Beloved Father, for allowing these same blessings to be enjoyed by my family; thank you, Blessed Father.

Thank you, my God, because you do nothing but show me your infinite grace and power to carry out my objectives and goals. Thank you for giving me the intellect to perform each of my tasks at work and home. Thank you, my Lord, because I can develop my abilities and instruct myself better every day.

Thank you, beloved God, because during the night you took care of me and sheltered me with your protection. I am thankful because you allowed me to dream and make every goal or objective reality. Thank you, my Lord, because my family could rest peacefully, and when I woke up, the bad news did not disturb our tranquility. Thank you because you did not forsake us and because you kept us in good protection.

I ask you, with a humble heart, Lord, that you may allow that this morning, and throughout the day, everything may be for the benefit of me and my loved ones; that every experience, good or bad, may turn into learning; that every act of evil towards us may not have repercussions in our spirit; and that your promises may come to our mind when it seems that something wants to torment us.

May our faith not waver, Lord, may our minds be strong and our impulses are wise, may we reason before acting, may we not be carried away by our desires; and I beg you, my beloved God, to strengthen our principles so that they accompany us all day long, that we may keep them in mind, and that social pressure does not make puppets of us.

My Blessed God, this morning, may we know how to give to others our knowledge. May we offer our hand to the needy and support those who are in darkness. Help us, Eternal Father, to be like you, to be benevolent, to be just, and to love our neighbor, especially our enemies. Help us to give them our forgiveness.

I beg you, my Lord, that at every moment of the day, may you be present, so that my actions may be a reflection of my love for you, that you may allow me to have the joy of being healthy and that I may be able to fulfill each one of my objectives today, that I may be brave and that I may not fall into the temptations of the enemy. I ask you, Father, that if I make a mistake, help me to recognize my error and make amends because I do not want to harm those I love the most. For all this, Lord, I ask you to always wait for your will in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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