Morning Prayer for April 4

Kind Lord, your gift for me this morning is that I can open my eyes once more and see my loved ones and enjoy your blessings.

I thank you, because as this day is about to begin, Lord, you grant me the opportunity to make up for what, according to your will, I have done wrong. Today I can turn a new page in my life and write down the new challenges and adventures to come.

Thank you, Lord, because you provide a roof over my head, a warm bed to sleep on, food on my table, and good health. Thank you, kind Father, because you also bless my family providing them everything I have mentioned.

I thank you because you keep showing how infinite your grace and power are as I go along and meet my goals. Thank you for giving me the ability to carry out my tasks at work and at home. Thank you, Lord, because I can develop my mental capacity and improve what I do each day.

Thank you, God, because you took care of me and embraced me during the night. Thank you because you allow me to dream and to turn each goal I have thought of, into reality. I thank you because my family was able to sleep and rest, and when they woke up, none of the bad news they heard troubled them. Thank you for looking after us and keeping us safe.

Lord, I pray that you help me to be humble. I pray too that along the day, things will turn out for the best for my family and me. What we have to go through, be it good or bad, may it be a lesson to us. May we not be troubled by the evil actions around us and that we may recall your promises when something torments us.

I pray that we may not lose heart and that our mind and behavior will not waver. May we be sensible and not be carried away by our wishes, I beg you, Lord. Please strengthen the way we think so social pressure does not make marionettes out of us, and that we will keep our principles in mind.

Dear God, help us to share what we have learned with others, hold our hand out to those who are in need, and uphold the folks who are in the dark. Help us, eternal Father, to be more like You, to be kind, fair and love our neighbor, and above all, our enemies. Please help us to be forgiving.

I pray, my Lord, that you show yourself every minute of the day and that my actions may show how much I love You. I pray for good health and that you may help me to achieve each one of my goals, and that I may have the courage not to be defeated by the enemy’s temptation. I want to ask you, Father, that if I make a mistake, you will help me to make up for what I’ve done because I do not want to hurt anyone. All of this, I pray as I always do in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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