Morning Prayer for April 5

I thank you, my Lord, because today I can once again enjoy your beautiful creations and be a part of your world; I thank you because a new day means endless opportunities to do better than I did yesterday, and I thank you for being so generous with me.

My Almighty Lord, you have shown me your infinite love many times, and today you show it to me by allowing me to see my family wake up. Today you give me the joy that everyone can enjoy this wonderful gift of life and be better than yesterday.

One more day, Father, you shower me with your blessings. You give me the fortune of having bread on my table, of being able to enjoy with my family your blessings, the roof, the clothes, the work, the love. Thank you, my Lord. This day is one more proof of all that you do for us and our well-being.

Thank you, Father, of Mercy, because your Holy Spirit dwells among us, because you have not forsaken us during the cold night, nor have you left us at the mercy of those who want to harm us. Thank you, Lord, because, despite my failures, you do not abandon me nor do you stop loving me.

Today I beg you on my knees. May you grant me the joy of enjoying your blessings so that today we may have the food we need, may we not lack your word, which is the bread of life, and may your Holy Spirit accompany us all day long, so that we may know how to discern between what is good and what is bad, Lord.

I ask you, my beloved Father, that today you do not depart from me, that you help me to strengthen my abilities and be able to use them for the good of my community, that I may be an instrument of good in your hands, my beloved Father.

May I know how to appreciate your blessings today, God of all things, may I not take any situation for granted, may I know how to strive for all that I long to achieve, may I learn from every challenge, and above all, may I be able to face my trials.

I pray to my Lord that evil does not affect me today, that those who wish to harm me do not succeed; I pray to my blessed God that I know how to love my brothers, that I can be a good person in this world; and that I also know how to forgive those who offend me, that resentment does not take over my being, and that your love and mercy fill my soul; I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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