Morning Prayer for April 5

Heavenly Father, I am grateful that I have been able to open my eyes this morning and get out of bed once more. I thank you for a new day with new opportunities to improve and do the things I like.

I am grateful because I can enjoy your creation once more, and be part of this world, Lord. I want to thank you for this new day, which offers me the opportunity to correct what I did wrong yesterday. Thank you for being so generous.

Almighty Lord, you have often shown me how infinite your love is. Today you allow me to see my family wake up and enjoy the wonderful gift of life and help us to better than we were yesterday.

You pour your blessings on us and provide us with food on our table. You offer me the chance of being able to enjoy my loved ones once more. You also provide us with a roof, clothe, a job, and your love. Thank you, my Lord, for today is additional proof of everything you do for us and for our wellbeing.

I thank you because you are compassionate and allow your Holy Spirit to live amongst us, Father. You have not forsaken us during the cold night, nor are we at the mercy of the people who can harm us. Thank you, Lord, because even though I fail you, you never stop loving me.

I kneel and pray for you to bless me today. I pray too that you will provide us with the food we need, and above all, your Word, which is the bread of life. May your Holy Spirit be with us throughout the day so that we can discern right from wrong, Lord.

I pray that you do not turn away from me, kind Father, and help me to develop my skills and use them for the sake of my community. May I be an instrument in your hands, Father.

I want to be able to acknowledge your blessings and not take any situation for granted. May I excel in everything I wish to achieve and learn from every challenge, and above all, that I may be able to face my trials.

I pray, Lord, that evil will not affect me and that whoever wants to hurt me will not succeed in doing so. I pray that I may love my brethren and do good in this world. May I be able to forgive the folks that offend me, Lord, and that I will feel no grudge. May your love and compassion fill my soul. I pray that your will be carried out, Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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