Morning Prayer for April 7

My blessed and loving heavenly father, you have given me the gift of life once more, and I am grateful to you, my Lord, because next to me is my family, which is the greatest gift you have given me.

My heart overflows with happiness this morning to be able to enjoy your wonderful creations, my God because you have been so generous with me and my brothers that you give us a beautiful sun to light our day. After all, the wind brushes our faces and reminds us of your immense love, my Lord.

So grateful I feel, Father of goodness, that you allow me to have the joy of sharing the table once again with my family, that food is not lacking, and that the protection of this house keeps us safe from the dangers of the street. Thank you, my Holy Father, for your infinite care.

I feel grateful to God because this morning my body is healthy because my health does not fail me and because I feel vigorous and full of life. Thank you, my Lord, because you have allowed me to pass the night and I can have this day to do better those things that I failed at yesterday.

Loving Father, benevolent God, I thank you for each of your trials, because I know that today will be full of them, as well as challenges, but I have faith in you, Lord, and in my ability to discern, to choose what is right, and to deny myself of that which separates me from you.

I humbly request, my Lord, that you keep me firm this day, that my voice does not tremble when I defend Your name when I defend what is right, and that you give me patience as I wait for your will and what you want to do with my life.

I beg you, Blessed Father, to help me set aside what consumes and poisons my soul; I beg you not to let this day of gossip and gossip consume my thoughts and time, and I beg you to help me turn my back on what keeps me from your word and your principles.

Beloved Lord, this new day will be full of opportunities. I ask you to give me the courage and confidence to be able to achieve my goals and to complete every task entrusted to me today.

I ask My Beloved Father that this day I can be an example for those around me. Help me to do good. Help me, Lord, and take care of me not to fall into vanity. Stay by my side this day, and bless those who I carry in my heart, always waiting for your sacred will, Eternal Father. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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