Morning Prayer for April 7

Kind and heavenly Father, you offer me the gift of life for me to enjoy once again.  My Lord, I am grateful to you because I have my family here with me, which is a marvelous present. 

My heart is overjoyed to be able to see and enjoy your creation, Lord. You have been very generous to my brethren and me, because the sun shines on us every day and we can feel the breeze on our face, which reminds us of your infinite love, Lord. 

I am ever so grateful, Father, that you allow me to share my meals with my family again. I pray that you provide us with the food and the protection we need, and to keep us safe from the dangers out on the street. Thank you, Father, for all your infinite care.

I am grateful too, Lord, because I’m healthy, lack nothing, and I feel strong and full of life. Thank you, Lord, because you have allowed me to rest so that I can change everything that was not to your liking today.

Kind Father, I thank you for each and every trial. I know that there will be many of them today, yet I have faith in You, Lord. I trust my ability to discern what is right and to refuse to do the things that may drive You away.

I humbly ask you, Lord, that I may be strong and that my voice will not tremble when I have to defend your name and defend what is right. Please provide me with the patience I need to see what your will is, and what your expectations of me are.

I beg you, Father, to help me to set aside everything that disrupts and poisons my soul. I pray that you will help me not to pay attention to the gossip and rumors, and to help me not turn my back on your Word and principles.

Kind Lord, this day is full of opportunities, therefore I ask you to grant me courage and trust I need to reach my goals and succeed in every task you set for me today.

I pray that I may be an example to others around me today, Father. Please help me to do what is right and prevent me from being vain. Please remain at my side and bless the people close to my heart, Lord. I await your holy will, eternal Father, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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