Morning Prayer for April 8

Thank you, Lord, because I have lived for another day, and thank you for allowing me to see the greatness of your creation and because I can witness how great your love for me is.

I thank you, my Lord because this day is a new opportunity to be happy and to start to do the things I have always dreamt of. Today is a perfect day to make up for my mistakes and become a better person and a better servant of yours, dear God.

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I am very thankful for your infinite blessings, for my home, for the food on my table, and for all the material things you have allowed me to have. Above all, my Lord, I am thankful for every person you have a place along the way because they have been a source of happiness and learning.

Thank you, my God, because I am in good health, and because I was able to get up today. Despite my problems, Lord, you always help me to move forward and continue along your path.

Dear God, I thank you for every opportunity you give me to improve and to learn more. Thank you for self-confidence and for being able to humbly serve my brethren. Thank you for your Holy Spirit, kind Father, and for trusting every one of your intentions.

I fervently and lovingly pray that you guard my mind against evil thoughts. Please dispel whatever vanity I may have, or the greed I may feel, as well as any lust. Please help me to be firm and reject anything that may stain my soul, precious Lord.

I pray this morning, eternal Father, that you prevent evil from harming me. And I also pray that if anyone wants to harm me, this person may not succeed in doing so. Please keep the people who are negative away from me, as well as those who approach me solely out of interest, I beg you, Lord.

Holy Father may your Spirit reign over my home today. Please help us to have inner peace and know how to speak to each other. May we learn to accept our mistakes and be able to ask for forgiveness and to forgive. Please help my family not to hold grudges and that your love may reign, kind Lord.

As king of my heart, I pray that you will keep us safe today and that you will not let go of my hand, Lord. Please guide us along the right path, Father, and rid us of temptations.  Please protect the folks who are defenseless, feel weak, and abandoned. I pray, my God, that your will be done, in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.

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