Morning Prayer for April 9

The sun has risen again, my Lord and my soul rejoices to know that you gave me a new day, a day to be with those I love the most, a day to do the activities I must do and fulfill my role in this society. I am so happy, beloved Father, to be able to enjoy once again all your creation.

I thank you for having woken up in good health because my loved ones look strong and healthy. Thank you, my Lord, for having heard our prayers and having protected us all night. I thank you for always being ready for my needs and prayers.

Father of Mercy, I thank you for this day, for the opportunities you give me to accomplish my daily goals; thank you because today I can re-energize my spirit; and thank you, my Lord, because today is another day to strive to be the son you deserve.

Thank you, King, of all, for allowing me to enjoy my family, friends, and all those people I cherish; thank you for being so thoughtful of me, for allowing me to share my life with extraordinary people who teach me daily about love for others, service, and gratitude.

Beautiful Father, thank you for every blessing because you have never left me alone; thank you because, even at this early hour, I can already perceive and feel your Spirit accompanying me and guiding me to do the right things.

May this day be a day of learning. May every test that you put on my day be faced with wisdom and patience. Help me always to find the good side of things, of the moments, of the challenges, help me to have a clear mind. May the enemy not disturb me or steal my peace.

May this day, my Lord, I do not lack food, nor my brothers. I beg you to help us bring sustenance to our homes; may we be persistent when fatigue and routine want to overwhelm us; help us, dear Father, to keep clear objectives, to remain firm in our principles, and that the temptations of this world do not make us weak.

My beloved Father, may I be an instrument in your hands this morning. May I be able to take your words to those who need to hear them. Bless me to know if my actions are to your liking, Lord, and help me to remedy that which is broken, whether it is a mind or a heart. Help me, my God. I want to serve my brothers. I want to give them my support and my love.

Bless us today, Father, so that all of our actions and thoughts are to your pleasure, my God; take care of the helpless and heal the sick, but especially those who are sick in the soul, who have lost faith, and who are no longer in your path, my Lord. Help them to have a new day so that today they may change their lives, always waiting for your will, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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