Morning Prayer for April 9

The sun has come out again and my soul is overjoyed to know that you are gifting me with another day, Lord. Today is a day to be with my loved ones, carry out my activities and role that I have in society. I am happy to be able to enjoy your creation, kind Father.

I thank you because you woke me up in good health and because my loved ones are strong and healthy too. Thank you, Lord, for having heard our prayers and for having protected us during the night. I thank you because you are always ready to help us with our needs and prayers.

Merciful Father, I thank you for this day and for the opportunities that you grant me to carry out my daily tasks. Thank you because I can strengthen my spirit one more. And thank you, Lord, because I have another chance to improve and be the person You deserve.

Thank you, Lord, because I can enjoy my family, friends, and all the people I love. Thank you for being so considerate and for allowing me to share my life with so many great people that teach me daily how to love, be of service, and to be grateful.

Kind Father, I thank you for each one of your blessings and because you have never forsaken me. Thank you because even though it is still early, I can feel you Spirit guiding me to do what is right.

Eternal Father, I pray that I may learn from every trial you place in my life today and that I may have the wisdom and the patience to face it. Please help me to see the bright side of everything and of every challenge as well. Please help me to have a clear head so that the enemy cannot disturb me nor steal my peace.

I pray that my brethren and I will not lack food on our plates, Lord. I beg you to help us to support our families and to persevere, although we feel tired and overwhelmed. Help us, Father, to have clear targets, and to hold onto our principles so that the temptations of this world do not weaken us.

Kind Father, may I be an instrument in your hand to carry your word to whoever needs to hear it. Please bless me so that I know that what I do is right, Lord, and help me to mend a broken heart or mind. I want to serve my brethren, and offer them my support and love, dear God.

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Father, I pray that you bless us today so that our behavior and thoughts are to your liking. Please take care of the homeless and heal the sick. Above all, take care of the ones who have lost their soul, faith, and no longer walk along your path, my Lord. Please offer them a new opportunity so that they can change their lives, according to your will, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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