Morning Prayer for April 10

Today is a new day, my Lord, and I kneel before you so I can offer you all the desires and gratitude that my heart keeps for you, because you are my greatest strength, Father, and because only you can take care of me, only you know how to listen to me, my Lord.

I feel so grateful to you, Most Holy Father, because you gave me this day, which comes with so many opportunities to improve, to do things well, and you know, beloved Father, that each one of them can bring me closer to you. Thank you for giving me the fortune to start again today.

Heavenly Father, I want to thank you for each of the wonderful blessings that you pour on me; the joy of having a family, a home, a house, the joy of having a job; and thank you, Lord, because your goodness is so great that you provide us with food every day. We lack nothing if we are with you, Blessed Father. Nothing hurts us or oppresses us.

My Lord, I am grateful to you and your infinite mercy because this morning we woke up full of life and health. Thank you for taking care of us all night long and keeping us safe next to your lap. I am thankful that you gave ear to my prayers and answered them.

My blessed Father, this morning I want to thank you for giving us the gift of knowledge and for giving us the means to learn so much more. Because of this, we can know the truth of your gospel, we can nourish our minds, and not be deceived by the enemy.

I beseech you, my Lord, this morning. May I be worthy to hear the whisper of your Spirit, may I be able to always choose what is right, and may I not be cowed when it comes to defending the weak. Help me to always be a man of good, to do good to others, to help them in their needs.

Dear Father, You are the one who knows everything about me, and you know everything I need, what I need, and above all, you are the only one who knows what my life really needs. Please help me to find a way to get what I long for, but may it always be Your will, Blessed Father. May my desires never be above Yours.

My Heavenly Father, I want to ask you with much fervor, that this day you may cover us with your blessed mantle of protection, because the streets and the day-to-day are dangerous, my God. Do not allow them to harm us. Keep us away from danger, me and my brothers and sisters.

With all my love, I beseech you, holy God, keep us holding your hand during this day, so that our hearts may be kind like yours so that our eyes may be transparent and we may not be filled with hatred towards our brothers. Teach us to forgive our neighbor, Lord. My patience and love for others reign this day, in the name of Jesus Christ, our savior, Amen.

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