Morning Prayer for April 10

Lord I want to kneel before you on this new day and show you my gratitude and to express my wishes, for you are my stronghold, Father, and because only you listen and understand what I say, my Lord.

I am thankful because you grant me this day that provides me so many new opportunities to improve and to do good, Holy Father. Each one of these opportunities draws me closer to you, Father, therefore I want to thank you for the advantage I have to start afresh today.

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Father, I want to thank you for each one of your marvelous blessings that you bestow on me. You have blessed me with a family, home, house, and a job. Thank you for kindly feeding us every day. We lack nothing at your side, nor is there anything that can hurt or oppress us, Holy Father.

I am most grateful for your infinite compassion, my Lord. We have risen this morning full of life and health. Thank you for having looked after us and kept us safe in your lap. Thank you because you hear my prayers and answer them.

Blessed Father, I want to thank you today for granting us the gift of knowledge and because you give us the means to study. Due to this, we can learn the truth of your Gospel. Please feed our minds and prevent the enemy from fooling us.

I beg your Lord, that I may be worthy of hearing your Spirit whispering to me and that I may be able to choose what is right always and not to shy away when I have to defend the weak. Please help me to be a better person and to do what is right to others and to help them out in their needs.

Kind Father, you know everything about me and know everything I need, the things I lack, and above all, You are the only one who knows what I need in my life. Please help me obtain the things I yearn for, and may they be according to your will, Father, and never above it. I want to ask you for a favor, and that is that today you may cover us with your protecting robe because both the day and streets are dangerous, my God. Please rid us of danger, may nothing harm my family and me.

I beg you that you will keep holding our hands during the day so that we can become kind-hearted and imitate You. May we look at our brethren kindly and not with hate. Please teach us to forgive our neighbor, Lord, and that patience and love may reign, in the name of Jesus Christ, our Savior, Amen.

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