Morning Prayer for April 11

Every day, beloved Father, you give me this new opportunity to open my eyes wide and enjoy this world. You allow me to have the joy of living here, surrounded by all your wonderful creations, and it is a priceless blessing to be part of all this.

This morning, Lord, I place myself at your feet. I want to talk to you and tell you about everything that no one else knows, and that you already know. I am grateful for all that you give me, because this day I have woken up here at home, with my family, and not far from them because you allow me to enjoy their laughter and their pleasant company.

I want to thank you, God of my life, because I have been able to rest all night as if I were a baby on your lap. You have taken care of me and those around me all the time that our sleep lasted, and I thank you because only you are capable of that.

I feel grateful to you, Eternal God. You are so generous with your children, Father, that you allow us to have a new day, to be able to learn, to be able to amend what we did wrong yesterday. You give us the opportunity to be who we are, to have gifts and talents to use for our benefit and for the benefit of others.

I love you so much, Lord, and I want my whole life to be a reflection of all that love for you. I want my actions to reflect how grateful I am to you for having given me life, for having cared for me, and for protecting me when I felt most alone.

My God, eternal Father, you who dwell in all of us, I ask you with humility and waiting for your sacred will, to place your hand on my head and bless me, Lord, so that my mind may work with clarity and justice this day, that evil may not break into my thoughts.

This day, I ask that you may give me a new heart, that I may love you as you expect of me. Help me, Blessed Father, so that I may be better every day. I know that with your help I will be able to improve many things about myself and, in this way, be closer to you. For this is my greatest desire, Lord.

Help me to forgive and allow my brothers to forgive my offenses, because not all of my actions or attitudes are to your liking, Blessed God, and give comfort to those I have hurt, Lord so that their sadness does not cloud their judgment and they can offer me their forgiveness.

The future is uncertain for me, Holy Father, but you know it better than anyone else, and that is why I ask for humility, so that I may accept your sacred will without question. Give me your help this day to be a just man and live according to your principles. Protect me and those around me, Lord, so that this day we can fulfill each of our objectives and that they are for the good of others, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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